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Walter Goulet lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Christmas Memories 1999 (1999) 01. Christmas Night [add]
02. Santa Gets Ready for Christmastime With No Fear [add]
03. Santa's on His Way [add]
04. My Christmas List [add]
05. Snow Man [add]
06. The Christmas Gift [add]
07. Merry Christmas Mother [add]
08. Christmas Time [add]
09. Playing in the Snow [add]
10. Have a Merry Christmas [add]
11. Outside My Door [add]
12. We Don't Want No Wimpy Santa in Texas [add]
13. What a Christmas That Will Be [add]
14. Snow Flakes [add]
15. Santa Come Out of the Heavens [add]
16. I Only Want You for Christmas [add]
17. Happy Holidays [add]
18. World of Joy [add]

Do We Have Enough Time? (1999) 01. Do We Have Enough Time? [add]
02. Why Do You Look at Me the Way You Do? [add]
03. Oh Beautiful Flowers [add]
04. Pretty Butterfly [add]
05. Sparrow at My Window [add]
06. Butterfly [add]
07. Why Can. T You Tell Me How You Feel? [add]
08. One of God's Many Precious Gifts [add]

Songs of Praise (2000) 01. America Return to God [add]
02. He Pocks Me Up [add]
03. Come and Confess [add]
04. Greater Is He [add]
05. One of God's Many Precious Gifts [add]
06. Lost in a Wicked World [add]
07. How Great Is God [add]
08. Jesus Is Coming Soon [add]
09. Glory Bound [add]
10. My Cup Runneth Over [add]
11. I Love You Dear Jesus [add]
12. God Gives [add]
13. I Am Now Forgiven [add]
14. Miracle [add]
15. No Charge [add]
16. I Surrender All [add]
17. Cross Over Jordan [add]
18. River, S End [add]

Star Route USA (2003) 01. Do You Wanna Make Love? [add]
02. It's My Turn to Win [add]
03. In Your Arms [add]
04. Someday I'll Be Famous [add]
05. Honky_tonkin, Man [add]
06. Look It [add]
07. Nobody's Wrong [add]
08. Love Joy and Pain [add]
09. Mamma Said [add]
10. Why Can't We All Be Friends? [add]
11. People They Are Struggling [add]
12. Tenderness [add]
13. If Love Is the Answer [add]
14. A Love of a Husband [add]
15. Others vs. You and Me [add]
16. Roses and Tea [add]
17. The Things That Take a Lifetime [add]
18. Sparrow at My Window [add]

Chains (2004) 01. Annie's Song [add]
02. Chains [add]
03. Cats in the Cradle [add]

A New Sunrise (2005) 01. A New Sunrise [add]
02. I Brought Flowers to You Too [add]
03. Chains [add]
04. Walk in My Shoes [add]
05. All Alone Again [add]

Going on a Journey (2006) 01. Going on a Journey [add]
02. What Is the World Coming Too? [add]

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