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Louise Hoffsten lyrics
Genre: Rock
6 (1996) 01. Dance on Your Grave [add]
02. Box Full of Faces [add]
03. Miracle lyrics
04. Bebop and Lulu [add]
05. Nice Doin' Business [add]
06. Explain It to My Heart [add]
07. Healing Rain lyrics
08. Not the End of Time [add]
09. Little Devil in Me [add]
10. Bringing Out the Elvis [add]
11. Eddie Bummer lyrics
12. Wherever You Go lyrics

Beautiful, but Why? (2000) 01. Beady Blue Eyes [add]
02. Too Happy for the Blues [add]
03. Try a Little Harder [add]
04. Nowhere in This World [add]
05. Don't Take [add]
06. Fire Is a Good Thing [add]
07. Sweet Poison lyrics
08. Please Remind Me lyrics
09. From Green to Blue [add]
10. Silence [add]
11. Beautiful, but Why? [add]
12. Together Alone [add]

Kn?ckebr?d Blues (2004) 01. The Seduction of Sweet Louise [add]
02. Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes [add]
03. Love to Love You [add]
04. Belly Up Blues [add]
05. I Pity the Fool [add]
06. I Guess I'm a Fool [add]
07. God Don't Ever Change [add]
08. I Just Wanna Make Love to You [add]
09. Slow Down [add]
10. Weak Brain, Narrow Mind [add]
11. It Serves You Right to Suffer [add]
12. Darling, Do You Remember Me? [add]

From Link?ping to Memphis (2005) 01. Good for You [add]
02. Slow Train [add]
03. Fall Like Babylon [add]
04. My Favorite Lie [add]
05. I Wish You Had My Heart [add]
06. Make the Most of It [add]
07. Myggan [add]
08. Rise [add]
09. Shut Up & Kiss Me [add]
10. Heart of Stone [add]
11. I Still Believe in Us [add]

Message of Love (2006) 01. Message of Love [add]
02. Slowburn [add]
03. Get out of My Heart [add]
04. That's What I Get [add]
05. Permission to Land [add]
06. One Step Back [add]
07. Warm and Tender Love [add]
08. Forever [add]
09. Talking to Myself [add]
10. State of Mind [add]

Rhythm & Blonde (2006) 01. Hit Me with Your Lovething [add]
02. Let the Best Man Win [add]
03. Padded Bra lyrics
04. Never Gonna Be Your Lady lyrics
05. All About Numbers lyrics
06. When the Blue Is Gone [add]
07. For Your Love lyrics
08. New Religion lyrics
09. Dead Town lyrics
10. Sweet Tooth lyrics
11. Seasons of Love [add]
12. Forbidden Fruit lyrics
13. The Only Thing I Got lyrics

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