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Saul Glennon lyrics
Genre: Rock
Touchy/Feely (2004) 01. CD #1 in the Distance (We Are Near) [add]
02. At the Kissing Booth [add]
03. On My Way to Lovin' You [add]
04. Mint Leisure [add]
05. By Your Request [add]
06. 40 Oz. [add]
07. The Keys to Knowing You Well [add]
08. I Threw You a Curve [add]
09. Summer Calling [add]
10. Holiday Sands [add]
11. Drive Those Places [add]
12. Truth and Consequences [add]
13. Sad Song of Happiness [add]
14. Touchy [add]
15. Feely [add]
16. CD #2 the Wrong Decision [add]
17. High Heaven [add]
18. Shallow [add]
19. Farrah, You Know the Truth [add]
20. Commonsense 101 [add]
21. Blue Eyes of Shenandoah [add]
22. Ballantine [add]
23. Going to Pieces [add]
24. San Antonio [add]
25. Eloquently...You [add]
26. Lust [add]
27. The Small of Her Back [add]
28. Tremolo (Ve) [add]
29. Vanderbilt Sound [add]
30. Time, Slow Down [add]

British Garage Invasion (2005) 01. Vega Full of Love [add]
02. Looking for Some Waves [add]
03. Excuse Me Baby, Sugar [add]
04. This Time, Let's Fly [add]
05. Dan Y's Van [add]
06. Paul Johnston, 95 [add]
07. Five-Minute Window [add]
08. British Garage Invasion [add]
09. Tonight. Yeah! [add]
10. The Deal You Got [add]
11. Mr. Uptight Jogger [add]
12. Factory Trained Technician [add]
13. I Saw Lisa Tonight [add]
14. Therapy Addiction [add]

Refractory (2005) 01. Refractory [add]
02. Are You Gonna Be My Blues [add]
03. Make Me Your Saturn [add]
04. Gloves [add]
05. 30 Minutes to Get Outta Dodge [add]
06. Since You Know Everything [add]
07. 12-String Attack [add]
08. Your Heart's Too Big for This World [add]
09. The Letter: Why [add]
10. I Wanna Be Your Cloud [add]
11. How I Knew [add]
12. The Past Tense Of - Ed [add]
13. Your Man [add]
14. Let Me Play You Like a Guitar [add]
15. Red of the Wine [add]
16. We Won't [add]

Triology 1: How Can You Call That Music? (2006) 01. My Dream [add]
02. Hello Carol [add]
03. Until Tomorrow Comes [add]
04. Feel the Way I Felt [add]
05. I Got You [add]
06. Someone Like Me [add]
07. Here We Go Again [add]
08. How Can You Call That Music? [add]
09. Your Mommy, Your Daddy, Me, And the Gang [add]
10. Dream Girl, Night Girl [add]
11. Nothin' I Could Do [add]
12. Do It Again [add]
13. Sure You Do Know [add]
14. First Song [add]
15. The Last Warm Day of Summer [add]

Women, Mansions, Women, Yachts, Women (2007) 01. Can't Touch Ground [add]
02. Hayley, I Know [add]
03. Wave Receiver [add]
04. Heard You the First Time [add]
05. I'd Love to Be [add]
06. Laxton Suburb [add]
07. Caroline [add]
08. Where Has the Summer Gone? [add]
09. Make Up [add]
10. When You Never Go Away [add]
11. I Can't Shake You [add]
12. Willowy [add]
13. She Loves Hugh [add]
14. Recognition [add]

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