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King B.A.V. lyrics
Genre: Rap
Violence Is Golden (2000) 01. Violence Is Golden (Intro) [add]
02. A Day in the Life... Of the King [add]
03. Full Effect (Skit) [add]
04. I Rock [add]
05. I Got Juice [add]
06. Give It All to Me [add]
07. Got My Own Style [add]
08. I'll Take Your Girl Too [add]
09. All's Well in Hell [add]
10. Together in My Dreams [add]
11. Tigger's on the Trigger [add]
12. B.A. V. Posse [add]
13. A Day in the Life.. Of the King [add]
14. All's Well in Hell [add]
15. Outro [add]

Rhyme Bomb! (2002) 01. The Never Ending Journey Continues (Intro) [add]
02. I'll 86 'Em [add]
03. No Prints on the Gun [add]
04. Where the Sex Jams? (Skit) [add]
05. What Happened Last Night? [add]
06. Fantasy [add]
07. Freestyle With the B.A.V. Dub [add]
08. No More Mr. Nice Guy [add]
09. Rhyme Bomb! [add]
10. I Bleed [add]
11. More Sex Jams (Skit) [add]
12. A Night With the King [add]
13. Who the F--K We Be? [add]
14. No Prints on the Gun [Radio Edit] [add]
15. No More Mr. Nice Guy [Radio Edit] [add]
16. Last Chance [add]
17. The Never Ending Journey Will Continue (Intro) [add]

Behind the Wall (2005) 01. You Should Know Better (Intro) [add]
02. Imitators Stand Back [add]
03. Bust Out! [add]
04. Behind the Wall [add]
05. Get Up! [add]
06. 25 Feet [add]
07. Time to Show and Prove [add]
08. Do You Know Where Your Girl Is? [add]
09. We're Back Again (Skit) [add]
10. We're Back! [add]
11. Put 'Em in the Air [add]
12. On the Mic [add]
13. Yo Yippee Yo Yippee Yo Yippee Yea! [add]
14. Back in the Day [add]
15. Behind the Wall [Radio Edit] [add]
16. Take It Off [add]
17. Arnold vs. Arnold [add]

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