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Kitchen Cynics lyrics
Genre: Rock
Parallel Dog Days (2003) 01. The Turnside [add]
02. The Place You Hid [add]
03. Iridium [add]
04. Another Little Death [add]
05. Chinese Whispers [add]
06. The King & Queen of Belmont Street [add]
07. At Villa E.1027 (Eileen Gray Reflects) [add]
08. North of Balmedic, West of the Waves [add]
09. Last Night's News [add]
10. Her Ceramic Inkwell [add]
11. All Grown Up in Monochrome [add]
12. Burnt Lasagne & A Cold, Cold Heart [add]
13. If Tomorrow Comes a-Calling [add]
14. Fossil Song [add]
15. Time to Take Your Time [add]
16. Carol by Candlelight [add]
17. Life Is Getting Sweeter [add]
18. Tune for Tom Rapp [add]
19. Mr. Hofner, Mrs. Conrad & Mr. Vox [add]
20. Three Cheers [add]

Seasoning (2003) 01. Miriam's Toes No.2 [add]
02. Permafrost [add]
03. Iridium [add]
04. Keep True [add]
05. Bag of Brains and Bones [add]
06. The Thief of Netherley [add]
07. Revelations [add]
08. Seasoning [add]
09. Now Westlin' Winds [add]
10. Hello Haggis! [add]
11. Room-Poom Pa Ra-Ra [add]
12. Miriam's Toes No.1 [add]
13. What's the New Mary Jane [add]
14. You Fascinate Me [add]
15. The Day That Love Turned Green [add]
16. Mistress Forsyth's Jump [add]
17. Who Will Love You the Worst [add]
18. A Midsummer Nights..... [add]
19. Theme for Gwen [add]

Master of the Fuzzy Fadeout (2005) 01. Rue Bonaparte [add]
02. Now's the Time (For Nicholas) [add]
03. Once and Future Love [add]
04. Chemist Shop Girl [add]
05. Musing [add]
06. Crazy Man Michael [add]
07. Songs of Spring [add]
08. Matunga Hill [add]
09. Watersprite [add]
10. Don't Ever Go [add]
11. Song About the Dances of the Bees [add]
12. Boulevard Tourist [add]
13. The Weaver Lass [add]
14. Games for a Winter's Evening [add]
15. Ask Me No Questions (New Version) [add]
16. Weasel Bride [add]
17. Advice from an Old Cynic [add]
18. Now's the Time (Live at Dr Drakes) [add]

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