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Brian Kinder lyrics
Genre: Children's
A Kid Like You (2004) 01. I Like Being a Kid [add]
02. I Really Want to Be Your Friend [add]
03. My Dog [add]
04. Must Be Working [add]
05. I Love to Read [add]
06. School Shoes [add]
07. Echo Gecho [add]
08. Pickle Bicycle [add]
09. Grandma Grandpa Song [add]
10. Don't Think About Food [add]
11. A Kid Like You [add]
12. It's Gonna Take Us All [add]

Again (2004) 01. Good Morning [add]
02. Mamma Makes Cookies [add]
03. What'cha Gonna Be [add]
04. Three Little Sheep [add]
05. Again [add]
06. Kitty Kitty [add]
07. Hip Hip Hooray [add]
08. Ghost [add]
09. My Teddy Bear [add]
10. All My Life [add]
11. Life Is Good [add]
12. Good Night [add]

Special Days (2004) 01. Happy New Year [add]
02. Martin Luther King [add]
03. Groundhog Day [add]
04. Washington and Lincoln [add]
05. My Secret Valentine [add]
06. Let's All Go to Mardi Gras [add]
07. St. Partick's Day [add]
08. April Fools [add]
09. Easter Candy [add]
10. Be Good to Your Mother [add]
11. Cinco de Mayo [add]
12. Mother's Day [add]
13. Dear Old Dad [add]
14. The Red, White, And Blue [add]
15. Grandma Grandpa Song [add]
16. Columbus [add]
17. Just Say No [add]
18. Halloween Parade [add]
19. USA Spells Home to Me [add]
20. Thanksgiving [add]
21. Candles Burning in the Window [add]
22. Angels in the Snow [add]
23. Christmas [add]
24. Kwanzaa [add]

One More Time (2004) 01. Banjo [add]
02. A I Ate an Apple [add]
03. Cowboy Song [add]
04. Captain T. [add]
05. Getting Our Exercise [add]
06. One More Time [add]
07. Robin Song [add]
08. Something Fishy [add]
09. Superman [add]
10. In My Pajamas [add]
11. What Kind of Animal [add]
12. Hotdog [add]
13. Superkid [add]

Joy to the World It's Christmas (2006) 01. Joy to the World It's Christmas [add]
02. Hot Chocolate [add]
03. Blinking Lights [add]
04. Angels in the Snow [add]
05. Dear Santa [add]
06. In the Back on the Bottom [add]
07. Christmas Kid [add]
08. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S [add]
09. Nine Counting Rudolph [add]
10. Christmas Cookies [add]
11. Kitty Kitty Christmas [add]
12. Mooey Christmas [add]
13. Happy Birthday Jesus [add]
14. The First United Methodist Church Annual Christmas Play [add]
15. Snowflakes [add]
16. Bow Wow Christmas [add]
17. Fruitcake [add]
18. Celebrate Christmas [add]
19. Music Box [add]
20. Christmas Christmas Christmas [add]

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