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Oscar Wilde lyrics
Genre: Classical
Happy Prince, Pt. 2 (1992) 01. The Devoted Friend [add]
02. Laideronnette/Impératrice des Pagodes [add]
03. The Remarkable Rocket [add]
04. Prelude No. 9 [add]
05. Prelude No. 10 [add]

Lady Windermier's Fan [Audio Book] (1997) 01. Act 1 [add]
02. Act 2 [add]
03. Act 3 [add]
04. Act 4 [add]

Happy Prince (1998) 01. The Happy Prince [add]
02. Far Away, in a Little Street [add]
03. 'Swallow, Little Swallow [add]
04. One Night Longer? [add]
05. All the Next Day [add]
06. Then the Snow Came [add]
07. Early Next Morning [add]
08. The Remarkable Rocket [add]
09. The Squib, the Roman Candle, the Catherine Wheel [add]
10. The Rocket [add]
11. The Rocket: 'What Right Have You to Be Happy? [add]
12. The Dance And the Firework Display [add]
13. A Little Frog, With Bright Jewelled Eyes [add]
14. A Large White Duck [add]
15. So They Piled up the Wood and Put the Rocket on Top [add]
16. The Nightingale and the Rose [add]
17. The Nightingale Searches for a Red Rose [add]
18. 'Be Happy; You Shall Have Your Red Rose [add]
19. The Student Opens His Window [add]
20. The Selfish Giant [add]
21. A Linnet Singing [add]
22. The Most Beautiful Garden [add]
23. The Young King [add]
24. He Dreamed a Dream [add]
25. The Second Dream [add]
26. The Third Dream [add]
27. The Young King Awakes [add]
28. The Young King Rides Out [add]
29. The Sunlight [add]
30. The Devoted Friend [add]
31. Once upon a Time [add]
32. The Linnet Continues the Story [add]
33. The Miller Offers His Wheelbarrow [add]
34. The Miller's Sack of Flour and Other Jobs [add]
35. In the Storm [add]
36. Everybody Went to Little Hans' Funeral [add]
37. The Star Child [add]
38. Returning Home [add]
39. The Star Child Grows Up [add]
40. The Beggar Woman [add]
41. As Oul as a Toad [add]
42. Three Years Later [add]
43. The First Task [add]
44. The Second Task [add]
45. The Third Task [add]
46. A Transformation [add]

Oscar Wilde: Fairy Tales (The Selfish Giant, The Nightingale and the Rose) (2001) 01. The Fairy Tale of: the Nightingale and the Rose [add]
02. The Fairy Tale of: My Own Garden [add]
03. The Fairy Tale of: One Last Song [add]
04. The Fairy Tale of: The Selfish Giant [add]

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