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Kim Devenish lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Bulbous and Old (2006) 01. Guitar Tune [add]
02. Bulbulbera [add]
03. Dang Dong [add]
04. Afro Comb [add]
05. Dance [add]
06. Dub Tune [add]
07. Yul Gets the Gong [add]
08. Well What Are We Waiting For [add]
09. Sallambo Sees the Veil [add]
10. I Spit on the Inferno [add]
11. Stomach Pit Belly Beat [add]
12. Glow-In-The-Dark City [add]
13. The Montreal to Deja-Vu Turnpike [add]
14. Frogs on a Suspension Bridge [add]
15. Favourable Outlook [add]
16. The Horse Knows the Way Home [add]
17. Goolie Tuesday [add]

A Beak Is a Bird's Best Friend (2006) 01. Atlas [add]
02. Add Wings to the Wishlist of Things [add]
03. What Is This, A Canoe? [add]
04. Dust Is for Dancing On [add]
05. Wallabia Bicolour [add]
06. A Beak Is a Birds Best Friend [add]
07. A Message to the Macropods [add]
08. Currawongs [add]
09. Beak Awareness Week [add]
10. The Good Donkey [add]
11. Different Ways of Walking [add]
12. Leg Dance [add]
13. Raisin Bun [add]
14. Some Sort of Ceremony [add]
15. Descent into Napland [add]
16. Obscured by Mangroves [add]
17. Waterpigg 2000 [add]
18. Hello [add]

Awesome Gold 2000 (2006) 01. Monkey Rest [add]
02. Dont Not Do [add]
03. Gold Record Hit [add]
04. Good Old Lot [add]
05. Tiger Quoll Shuffle [add]
06. Swagger [add]
07. Doubting Thomas [add]
08. Intense Heat [add]
09. Whatsamada [add]
10. A Hop in the Black Forest [add]
11. Prime Meridian (Field Recording) [add]
12. Prime Meridian [Classy Floor Show Mix] [add]
13. Nectar Feeders [add]
14. Brunos Is the Biggest [add]
15. Dehydrated [add]
16. Four Pronged Fork [add]
17. Look Over There [add]
18. Working for the Dole [add]
19. Strange Birds [add]
20. Bad Smell Place [add]
21. Alien Life Form Go Get Nicked [add]
22. Its Not Over Till It Goes [add]

Bicycle Sam (2006) 01. Bicycle Sam [add]
02. Working Class Teeth [add]
03. There's a Blue Nun Hanging Like a Ripe Plum [add]
04. Swimming in Frankston [add]
05. Standing at the Pearly Gates with Nothing On [add]
06. Three Doobies [add]
07. Mind Alive [add]
08. Where Hoot Na Wag [add]
09. Lightly Latin [add]
10. Pocketful of Hellers [add]
11. I Saw the Sea [add]
12. Beautiful Sheepdog [add]
13. Do Not Look out of the Window [add]
14. When Does It? [add]
15. Scum of the Earth [add]
16. Just Normal Madness [add]
17. Window of Opportunity [add]
18. Pay the Swedes [add]
19. Tunnel to the Vatican [add]
20. I Am a Touch Screen [add]
21. Global Megatrend [add]

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