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Denny Carleton lyrics
Genre: Folk
Color with Crayons (1985) 01. Instrumental in DM-She Sits in Her Room-Sailing [add]
02. I Accept You for What You Are [add]
03. Here Comes Those Ghosts Again [add]
04. I Dont Want to Talk Cliches-I Couldn't Find the Light [add]
05. 4 Feet Good Two Feet Bad [add]
06. Drowehtfogninaem-Alway Some Way Out of Here [add]
07. Happy Millionare [add]
08. We Win at Love We Lose at Love [add]
09. Broken Video Blues [add]
10. How Come There's Only 4 Seasons? [add]
11. I'm Gonna Love You, Till Your Heart Sings [add]
12. Irish Lullaby [add]
13. It's a Whole Lot Better When You're Around [add]
14. Feel the Fullness of the Music [add]
15. Really Realistically [add]
16. Six in the Morning [add]
17. Enihpesoj-Really Realistically [add]
18. I'm Not Busy It; 's Just the Phone [add]
19. Dialing-Busy Signal-Phone Call [add]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (1987) 01. I Saw Stacy on TV [add]
02. Alone in the Universe [add]
03. Feel the Fullness of the Music [add]
04. Don't Take It Too Seriously [add]
05. I Think We're Going to Make It [add]
06. What Are You Trying to Say? [add]
07. If I Had a Bride [add]
08. Some Men Do It in Churches [add]
09. Irish Lullaby [add]
10. When I Was a Young Man [add]

Whiskey Island (1999) 01. Where Are We Going? lyrics
02. Wiskey Island lyrics
03. Breathtaking lyrics
04. It Only Takes a Spark lyrics
05. Feuger, Shakespeare, or Mitchel lyrics
06. Linesville Dam lyrics
07. Peter on the Water lyrics
08. Pick It Up lyrics
09. Dover Fair [add]
10. Environmental Girlfriend lyrics
11. Shades of Gray lyrics
12. I Could Never Dance lyrics
13. Coney Island lyrics
14. When My Ship Went Down lyrics
15. Further Down the Line lyrics

Thank You for the Day (2000) 01. Peter on the Water lyrics
02. Without Hope [add]
03. Timor [add]
04. There's Trouble in Our Town [add]
05. Hold On [add]
06. I Accept You for What You Are [add]
07. Thank You for the Day [add]
08. That Doesn't Tell You [add]
09. Let's Be Glad [add]
10. He Is What You'd Expect Love to Be [add]
11. Alone in the Universe [add]
12. Give Thanks to the Lord [add]
13. Christmas Comes Once a Year [add]
14. Jesus Will Bring You Home [add]
15. Don't Forget [add]

Retro (2001) 01. I'm Not to Busy That's Just the Phone lyrics
02. Sometimes I Wonder lyrics
03. Breathtaking lyrics
04. Josephine lyrics
05. Hold on Baby [add]
06. Mummer Band lyrics
07. My Love I Won't Admit lyrics
08. Fill in the Blank [add]
09. Indians Blues [add]
10. Just a Little lyrics
11. If These Are Men lyrics
12. In the Middle of an Island lyrics
13. Meaning of the Word lyrics
14. Just About in Love With You lyrics
15. Alice [add]
16. Moonlight Rebellion [add]

Think Tank (2004) 01. I Want You [add]
02. Break the Rules [add]
03. Squeeze Through [add]
04. Broken Video Blues [add]
05. Light in the Forest [add]
06. Fall to Winter Flight [add]
07. In Between the Lines [add]
08. Instrumental in C [add]
09. Stacey [add]
10. Some Men Do It in Churches [add]
11. Nations I Have Never Seen [add]
12. I'm Falling [add]
13. Double Agent Man [add]
14. Kitchen Sink [add]
15. Other Way Around [add]
16. Simple Love [add]
17. Yes [add]
18. Love Conquers All [add]
19. Final Battle [add]

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