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Kevin Roth lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Sandman... (0000) 01. Quit That Snoring [add]
02. Mr Bed Bug [add]
03. The Baby Sitters Song [add]
04. The Sandman [add]
05. Mr Rabbit [add]
06. The Ladybug & The Moon [add]
07. Magic Moments [add]
08. Rockabye Baby [add]
09. The Little Boat [add]
10. Gentle Winds [add]
11. Reprise [add]

Unbearable Bears (1986) 01. That Bear Makes Me Crazy [add]
02. Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
03. Honey Bear [add]
04. The Garden [add]
05. Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear [add]
06. The Show Biz Bear [add]
07. The Unbearable Bears [add]
08. The Bear You Loved [add]
09. You Are You [add]
10. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly [add]
11. The Bear That Snores [add]
12. Dream Maker [add]
13. Lullaby Bears lyrics

Daddysongs (1992) 01. Ice Cream Man [add]
02. Waltzing With Bears [add]
03. The Cabin [add]
04. It's Raining/I Can See Clearly Now [add]
05. This Old Man [add]
06. Playing Right Field [add]
07. Rainbows [add]
08. Love Will Lead Me Home [add]
09. Dreaming [add]
10. Trails & Trotters (Little Piggie) [add]
11. My Girl [add]
12. Eureka's Lullaby [add]

Lullabies for Little Dreamers (1992) 01. Leatherwinged Bat [add]
02. All Through the Night [add]
03. Hush Little Baby [add]
04. Are You Sleeping/Twinkle Twinkle [add]
05. When You Wish upon a Star lyrics
06. The Quiet Times [add]
07. Roll Over [add]
08. Over the Rainbow [add]
09. Skye Boat Song [add]
10. Bye 'N' Bye [add]
11. Night Prayer [add]
12. Kitty Alone [add]
13. Brahms' Lullaby [add]

Dinosaurs & Dragons (1992) 01. The Singing Dragon [add]
02. Down by the Bay [add]
03. The Little Lizard [add]
04. Dragon, Dragon (The Dragon Song) [add]
05. The Funny Man [add]
06. Dan's Dinosaur Galore [add]
07. Puff (The Magic Dragon) [add]
08. The Caveman and the Big Feet [add]
09. The Professor [add]
10. Dry Bones [add]
11. Dinosaur Rap [add]
12. Mr. Sun, Sun [add]

The Toy Maker's Christmas [1992] (1992) 01. The Snow Bunny [add]
02. It's Christmas Time Again [add]
03. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
04. The Orphan Boy [add]
05. Simple Gifts [add]
06. The Toy Maker [add]
07. Jingle Bells [add]
08. Santa Claus [add]
09. Fisherman Joe [add]
10. A Winter's Dance [add]
11. Frosty the Snowman [add]
12. Up on the House Top/Deck the Halls [add]

Train Song Sing-Alongs (1998) 01. The Friendship Train [add]
02. The Wheels on the Train [add]
03. The Rainbow Train [add]
04. Ten Little Indians [add]
05. Ive Been Working on a Railroad [add]
06. Bunny Junction [add]
07. Hobo Hound [add]
08. Freight Train [add]
09. This Train [add]
10. Freedom Train [add]
11. This Land Is Your Land [add]
12. Casey Jones [add]
13. Hobos Lullaby [add]

Train Songs & Other Tracks (1998) 01. Train Going Home [add]
02. Ive Been Working on a Railroad/Choo Choo Shoes [add]
03. The Circus Train [add]
04. City of New Orleans [add]
05. Slow Down [add]
06. Take a Little Time to Smile [add]
07. The Little Toy Train [add]
08. Shing Time Station [add]
09. The Train of Beauty [add]
10. Kevin's Place [add]
11. Flowers in the Snow [add]
12. New River Train [add]
13. If I Had a Hammer [add]
14. Five Hundred Miles [add]
15. Out Take [add]

Celtic Harp & Other Lullabies (2000) 01. Danny Boy [add]
02. Wild Mountain [add]
03. Welsh Home [add]
04. Planxty Irwin [add]
05. Lady Ann [add]
06. Maries Wedding [add]
07. The Boat Will Come [add]
08. Loch Lomand [add]
09. Pulling Bracken [add]
10. Dublin Street Fig [add]
11. The Butterfly [add]
12. Amazing Grace [add]
13. Be Thou My Vision [add]
14. The Little Boat Song [add]
15. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [add]
16. Winken, Blinken & Nod [add]
17. Skye Boat Song [add]
18. Silkie [add]
19. A Little Moon Harp Dance [add]
20. The Mermaids Medley [add]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (2000) 01. My Pony [add]
02. Wynken, Blynken & Nod [add]
03. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [add]
04. I'll Be There [add]
05. Little Fishies [add]
06. The Little Boat Song [add]
07. Good Night Mother Goose Medley [add]
08. The Cuckoo [add]
09. Silkie [add]
10. Hush Little Baby/Twinkle, Twinkle, Are You Sleeping [add]
11. Land of Nod [add]
12. Mermaids Medley [add]
13. The Old Man & The Sea [add]
14. Bright Morning Stars [add]

The Gentleness of Living (2000) 01. Rain Walker [add]
02. The Thawing [add]
03. Peace of Mind [add]
04. No Forwarding Address [add]
05. God Bless the Child [add]
06. Flowers in the Snow [add]
07. Angela [add]
08. Sons Of [add]
09. Be Careful, There's a Baby in the House [add]
10. The Gentleness in Living [add]
11. This Is Love [add]
12. The Old Cafe [add]

The Sunflower Collection (2002) 01. Live Love & Learn [add]
02. Pretty Polly [add]
03. The Old Songs [add]
04. Peace of Mind [add]
05. Streets of Provincetown [add]
06. Sunflowers [add]
07. Black Jack Davey [add]
08. Pretty Saro [add]
09. Blue Bird [add]
10. Andavanay [add]
11. Dry Bones [add]
12. Rain Walker [add]
13. Awakenings [add]
14. No Forwarding Address [add]
15. There Is a Ship [add]
16. Crazy [add]

Children's First Songs (2003) 01. The Alphabet Song [add]
02. London Bridge [add]
03. Old McDonald [add]
04. Michael Row Your Boat Ashore [add]
05. Ten Little Indians [add]
06. I've Been Working on a Railroad [add]
07. The Wheels on the Train [add]
08. The Eency Weency Spider [add]
09. Mr. Rabbit [add]
10. The Fox [add]
11. You Are You [add]
12. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain [add]
13. New River Train [add]
14. Slow Down [add]
15. Mother Goose Medley [add]
16. Bye N Bye [add]
17. Hush Little Baby, Are You Sleeping/Twinkle , Twinkle Little Sta [add]
18. Winken, Blinken and Nod [add]
19. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [add]
20. The Goodnight Kiss [add]

Music of the Soul Zither (2003) 01. Crystals [add]
02. Mo Nighean Donn [add]
03. Skye Boat Song [add]
04. Music of the Sphere's [add]
05. The Little Love Song [add]
06. African Meditation [add]
07. Cosmic Dances [add]
08. Farewell to Tarwathie [add]
09. Illusions [add]
10. Floating [add]
11. The Courting Song [add]
12. Waves Upon the Sea [add]

Searching for Angels (2003) 01. Searching for Angels [add]
02. Crazy [add]
03. Forgiven [add]
04. How Do You Stop [add]
05. A Moment's Pause [add]
06. Holding On [add]
07. Long Gone [add]
08. Falling into You [add]
09. Love for Sale [add]
10. Angie Moon [add]
11. All I Wanted [add]
12. When Angels Come [add]
13. Andavanay [add]

Travel Song Sing Alongs (2003) 01. The Singing Dragon [add]
02. Down by the Bay [add]
03. Puff the Magic Dragon (Duet With Peter Yarrow) [add]
04. The Professor [add]
05. Teddy Bears Picnic [add]
06. That Bear Makes Me Crazy [add]
07. The Snoring Bear [add]
08. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly [add]
09. You Are You [add]
10. Noah's Ark [add]
11. Mr Bedbug [add]
12. The Ladybug & The Moon [add]
13. Mr. Rabbit [add]
14. Animal Fair [add]
15. The Green Grass Grows All Around [add]
16. I've Been Working on a Railroad/She'll Be Coming Round the Mt [add]
17. The Wonder Song [add]
18. Little Piggy [add]
19. Bye N Bye [add]
20. The Quiet Times [add]

Dulcimer World (2004) 01. Copos de la Montagne [add]
02. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
03. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
04. Skye Boat/Little Fishies [add]
05. Barbara Ellen [add]
06. Soldiers Joy [add]
07. Flowers in the Field [add]
08. Monk [add]
09. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
10. Farther Along [add]
11. Simple Gifts [add]
12. The Brean Lament [add]
13. Planxty George Brabazon [add]
14. Buckdancers Choice [add]
15. Waters of Tyne [add]
16. Dancing at Whitson/Arthur McBride [add]
17. Red Hair Boy/Maries Wedding [add]
18. The Blacksmith [add]
19. High on a Mountain [add]
20. Wedding Dress [add]
21. Pig Town Fling /Growling Old Woman, Crackling Old Man [add]
22. The Ladybug & The Moon [add]
23. Lucid [add]
24. Ragupati/The Swallowtail Jig [add]
25. Dry Bones [add]

Adventures of Sir Rabbit & Bunny Junction (2005) 01. Adventures of Sir Rabbit [add]
02. Mugglewomp Pond [add]
03. Hobo Hound [add]
04. Broomstick Bertha [add]
05. Froid & Floyd's Radio Hour [add]
06. The Magic Star [add]
07. Mr. Rabbit [add]
08. Train Going Home [add]

The Toy Makers Christmas [2005] (2005) 01. The Snow Bunny [add]
02. It's Christmas Time Again [add]
03. Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer [add]
04. The Orphan Boy [add]
05. Simple Gifts [add]
06. The Toy Maker [add]
07. Jingle Bells [add]
08. Santa Claus [add]
09. Fisherman Joe [add]
10. A Winters Dance [add]
11. Up on the Housetop/Deck the Halls [add]

Animal Songs for Children (2005) 01. Noahs Ark [add]
02. The Blue Bird Song [add]
03. Froggie Went a Courtin [add]
04. Barnyard Song [add]
05. The Hunters Song [add]
06. Old Joe Clark [add]
07. Here Sits a Monkey [add]
08. Swinging on a Star [add]
09. The Hound Dog Song [add]
10. Animal Fair [add]
11. The Fox [add]

One Big Family (2005) 01. Ice Cream Man [add]
02. The Cabin [add]
03. Playing Right Field [add]
04. This Old Man [add]
05. My Pony [add]
06. The Little Toy Train [add]
07. Dreaming [add]
08. Love Will Lead Me Home [add]
09. Tails & Trotters [add]
10. The Old Songs [add]
11. Rainbows [add]
12. Eureekas Castle [add]

Between the Notes [Bonus DVD] (2006) 01. The Answer [add]
02. The Smile Song [add]
03. Love Is [add]
04. The Inside Job [add]
05. The Party [add]
06. The Poet Song [add]
07. Love Is the Seventh Wave [add]
08. Just Like Lauren Bacall [add]
09. The Hoochie Mama's [add]
10. Over the Rainbow [add]
11. Between the Notes [add]
12. Small [add]
13. Smile (Reprise) [add]
14. This Thing Called Love [add]
15. Bonus Material [*] [add]

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