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Gino Vannelli lyrics
Genre: Rock
Powerful People (1974) 01. People Gotta Move [add]
02. Lady [add]
03. Son of a New York Gun [add]
04. Jack Miraculous [add]
05. Jo Jo [add]
06. Powerful People [add]
07. Felicia [add]
08. The Work Verse [add]
09. Poor Happy Jimmy [Tribute to Jim Croce] [add]

Storm at Sunup (1975) 01. Storm at Sunup [add]
02. Love Me Now [add]
03. Mama Coco [add]
04. Father and Son [add]
05. Where Am I Going [add]
06. Keep on Walking [add]
07. Love Is a Night [add]
08. Gettin' High [add]

The Gist of the Gemini (1976) 01. Love of My Life [add]
02. Ugly Man [add]
03. A New Fix for '76 [add]
04. Omens of Love [add]
05. Fly into This Night [add]
06. War Suite: Prelude to the War [instrumental] [add]
07. The Battle Cry [instrumental] [add]
08. To the War [add]
09. Carnal Question [add]
10. After the Last Battle [instrumental] [add]
11. To the War (Reflection) [add]
12. Summers of My Life [add]

A Pauper in Paradise (1977) 01. Mardi Gras [add]
02. Valleys of Vahalla [add]
03. The Surest Things Can Change [add]
04. One Night With You [add]
05. A Song and Dance [add]
06. Black and Blue [add]
07. Pauper in Paradise (First Movement) [add]
08. 2nd Movement [add]
09. 3rd Movement [add]
10. 4th Movement [add]

Brother to Brother (1978) 01. Appaloosa [add]
02. The River Must Flow [add]
03. I Just Wanna Stop [add]
04. Love and Emotion [add]
05. Feel Like Flying [add]
06. Brother to Brother [add]
07. Wheels of Life [add]
08. The Evil Eye [add]
09. People I Belong To [add]

Nightwalker (1980) 01. Nightwalker [add]
02. Seek and You Will Find [add]
03. Put the Weight on My Shoulders [add]
04. I Believe [add]
05. Santa Rosa [add]
06. Living Inside Myself lyrics
07. Stay With Me [add]
08. Sally (She Says the Sweetest Things) [add]

Black Cars (1985) 01. Black Cars [add]
02. The Other Man [add]
03. It's Over [add]
04. Here She Comes [add]
05. Hurts to Be in Love [add]
06. Total Stranger [add]
07. Just a Motion Away [add]
08. Imagination [add]
09. How Much [add]
10. Black Cars [version] [add]

Big Dreamers Never Sleep (1987) 01. In the Name of Money [add]
02. Time Out [add]
03. Wild Horses [add]
04. Young Lover [add]
05. Down with Me [add]
06. Persona Non Grata [add]
07. Something Tells Me [add]
08. Shape Me Like a Man [add]
09. King for a Day [add]

Inconsolable Man (1990) 01. Rhythm of Romance [add]
02. If I Should Lose This Love [add]
03. Shame [add]
04. Sunset on L.A. [add]
05. Moment to Moment [add]
06. Cry of Love [add]
07. The Time of Day [add]
08. Bound to Cry [add]
09. The Joker's Wild [add]
10. Inconsolable Man [add]

Live in Montreal (1991) 01. Brother to Brother [add]
02. Living Inside Myself lyrics
03. Wild Horses [add]
04. Crazy Life [add]
05. In the Name of Money [add]
06. Hurts to Be in Love [add]
07. Something Tells Me [add]
08. People Gotta Move [add]
09. If I Should Lose This Love [add]
10. Black Cars [add]
11. I Just Wanna Stop [add]
12. Where Am I Going [add]
13. Black and Blue [add]

Yonder Tree (1995) 01. Walter Whitman Where Are You [add]
02. Fallen in Love [add]
03. You Owe It to Yourself [add]
04. A Little Bit of Judas [add]
05. Unbearably Blue [add]
06. Jehovah and All That Jazz [add]
07. None So Beautiful [add]
08. I Die a Little More Each Day [add]
09. Come to the Well [add]
10. Moon over Madness [add]

Slow Love (1998) 01. Slow Love lyrics
02. Lost and Found lyrics
03. Words Can Kill lyrics
04. Down With Love [add]
05. Cry Baby lyrics
06. Tierras de Amores y Sombras [add]
07. My Oh My It's a Miracle [add]
08. Alive by Science [add]
09. A Woman Crossed My Love [add]
10. Constantly Constantine lyrics

Canto (2003) 01. Canto (Sing) [add]
02. Parole Per Mio Padre [add]
03. The Last Dance [add]
04. Dea Speranza [add]
05. Una Sola Voce [add]
06. Wayward Lover [add]
07. Mala Luna [add]
08. Joli Coeur [add]
09. Una Rosa a Dicembre (A Rose in December) [add]
10. Il Viaggio [add]
11. The Last Days of Summer [add]

These Are the Days (2006) 01. It's Only Love [add]
02. Venus Envy [add]
03. These Are the Days [add]
04. Rock Me to Heaven [add]
05. Eastwest World [add]
06. The Great Divide [add]
07. Right Where I Am [add]
08. Wild Horses [add]
09. Hurts to Be in Love [add]
10. Black Cars [add]
11. Just a Motion Away [add]
12. Living Inside Myself lyrics
13. I Just Wanna Stop [add]
14. People Gotta Move [add]

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