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Klaus König lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Jazz Live Trio: Galatea (0000) 01. Galatea [add]
02. Gaz Zum Uberfluss Meite Eusebius Noch Folgendes [add]
03. Oeno [add]
04. Frantisek Hrdla [add]
05. HNN-RRR [add]
06. Jazz Live Blues [add]

The Song of Songs (1994) 01. The Day of Bliss & Joy [add]
02. Spirits & Goddesses [add]
03. May He Smother Me With Kisses [add]
04. Sixty Queens [add]
05. Dark, But Lovely [add]
06. The Dance of the Double Camp [add]
07. The Veil [add]
08. Set Me as a Seal [add]

Times of Devastation (1994) 01. Times of Devestation [add]
02. The Double Rainbow Over Heeper Street [add]
03. Statements [add]
04. Valse Triste [add]
05. The Darker Side [add]
06. That Time [add]
07. Pandemonium [add]
08. Epilogue [add]
09. Bodyguard from Scotland Yard [add]
10. Feel the Pain [add]
11. Niet Pivo, Niet Blues [add]
12. Some Kind of Destruction [add]
13. Poco a Poco [add]
14. Cries for South Africa [add]
15. For Lacy [add]

Reviews (1996) 01. Sniffing Attitudes [add]
02. Harry Laughs [add]
03. Who's That Guy? [add]
04. Mission to the Stars [add]
05. Multiple Choice [add]
06. A Matter of Taste [add]
07. Tuba Boons [add]
08. Harry Laughs Still [add]
09. Black Polo-Necks [add]
10. Avantegarde Nois Pollution [add]
11. Who Would Have Thought That [add]
12. The Day After [*] [add]

H.E.A.R.T. Project (1999) 01. You Bet [add]
02. Men at Work [add]
03. Does Money Matter [add]
04. Reality Check [add]
05. The Smell of Sweet Success [add]
06. Buy One Get None Free [add]
07. Turn the Tables [add]
08. Good to Know [add]

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