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Cathy Bollinger lyrics
Genre: Children's
Tunes That Teach (2004) 01. What's Your Number? [add]
02. Manners [add]
03. Let's Make a Rhyme [add]
04. You're Learning to Read [add]
05. What Do You Do to Keep Yourself Clean? [add]
06. Take Good Care of the Earth [add]
07. Opposites [add]
08. Mother Nature's Sounds [add]
09. Four Seasons [add]
10. A Week Has Seven Days [add]
11. I'd Still Love You [add]

From a Mothers Heart (2004) 01. In the Quiet of the Night [add]
02. Mockingbird [add]
03. Stay Awake [add]
04. Sleep, My Little Darling [add]
05. Go to Sleep My Little One [add]
06. All the Pretty Little Horses [add]
07. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [add]
08. Oh Little Child with the Sun in Your Hair [add]
09. From a Mothers Heart [add]
10. The Apple of Your Fathers Eye and the Key to Myheart [add]
11. A Glimpse of Innocence [add]
12. Tickles and Hugs [add]
13. Life Is a Rainbow [add]

Toddlin' Tunes (2005) 01. Hello, Bonjour, Hola [add]
02. Five Little Monkeys [add]
03. Listen to the Animals [add]
04. Patty Cake [add]
05. The Muffin Man [add]
06. Happy and You Know It [add]
07. Zoom Zoom Zoom [add]
08. Hickory Dickory Dock [add]
09. Where My Grandma Lives [add]
10. Uh Oh [add]
11. It's Time to Clean Up [add]
12. I've Got Ten Toes [add]
13. Peek-A-Boo [add]
14. Wheels on the Bus [add]
15. Mommy and Baby [add]
16. On the Day You Were Born [add]
17. Please and Thank You [add]
18. Itsy Bitsy Spider [add]
19. My Turn, Your Turn [add]
20. Bye Bye in the Car [add]
21. Abcd/A Is for Apple [add]
22. Can You Find Something Red [add]
23. All the World's Asleep [add]

My Turn Your Turn: Songs for Building Social Skills (2005) 01. People Like It When I Say Hi [add]
02. You Say, I Say [add]
03. My Turn, Your Turn [add]
04. I Can Say Excuse Me [add]
05. I Can Help Somebody Out [add]
06. Who, When, What [add]
07. It's OK That Sometimes I Don't Understand [add]
08. Save a Little Bit for Later [add]
09. I Like Movies, So Do You [add]
10. Can I Play Too [add]
11. Remember Look Towards Their Eyes [add]
12. Sometimes I Feel Angry [add]
13. Please and Thank You [add]
14. Everyone Has Strengths to Be Proud Of [add]

Alphabet Jam: Songs and Rhymes to Build Early Reading Skills (2006) 01. Alphabet Jam [add]
02. Adding Apples, Bouncing Balls [add]
03. Letter a Says a [add]
04. Abbi Alligator [add]
05. Bumpbibble Bump [add]
06. Catherine Calico [add]
07. David’s Dancing Dog [add]
08. Letter E Says E [add]
09. Eddie Elephant [add]
10. Four Friendly Fish [add]
11. Gary Gipponary [add]
12. Hiccops [add]
13. Letter I Says I [add]
14. Itchy Itchy Chicken Bone [add]
15. Juicy Jelly [add]
16. Kate’s Kingdom [add]
17. Lee La Lay [add]
18. Macaroni [add]
19. Nellie Knows a Nurse [add]
20. Letter O Says O [add]
21. Ozzie the Optimistic Ostrich [add]
22. Peter Piper [add]
23. Quack Quack [add]
24. Rock and Roll [add]
25. Six Senoritas [add]
26. Tara Takes Tap [add]
27. Letter U Says U [add]
28. Upstairs Under Uncle Baily [add]
29. A Very Small Vampire [add]
30. Wake Up Will [add]
31. Xray [add]
32. You’re a Young Cowboy [add]
33. A Zany Zebra Zack [add]
34. The Vowel Family [add]
35. When y Is at the End [add]
36. Alphabet Rap [add]

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