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Skydiggers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Restless (1992) 01. Accusations [add]
02. Feel You Closer [add]
03. Penny More lyrics
04. I Don't Know Why [add]
05. Restless (It's Alright) [add]
06. This Old Town [add]
07. Swamp Boogie [add]
08. Don't Blame It on Me [add]
09. She'd Calm Down [add]
10. I Don't Want to Talk About It [add]
11. Just Before the Rain [add]
12. Slow Burning Fire [add]
13. It's Sunday Pouring Down Rain [add]

Just Over the Mountain (1993) 01. Pull Me Down [add]
02. I'm Wondering [add]
03. Just over This Mountain [add]
04. She Comes into the Room [add]
05. I Thought I Knew You [add]
06. Darkness + Doubt [add]
07. This Is No Time [add]
08. Joanne lyrics
09. You Got That Look in Your Eye [add]
10. Shimmy up Those Words [add]
11. 80 Odd Hours [add]
12. Ranblin' On [add]

Road Radio (1995) 01. Maple Syrup Song [add]
02. Toss and Turn [add]
03. Alice Graham [add]
04. Drive Away [add]
05. Radio Waves [add]
06. What Do You See? [add]
07. It's a Pity [add]
08. You've Got a Lot of Nerve [add]
09. In the Hole [add]
10. Long Long Time [add]
11. Endless Grey Night [add]
12. Even When You Fall [add]
13. Perch Platter [add]
14. Just Another Day [add]

Desmond's Hip City (1997) 01. Desmond's Hip City [add]
02. Only a Fool [add]
03. Jade Hops [add]
04. The Truth About Us [add]
05. Shape of Things to Come [add]
06. November in Ontario [add]
07. Dear Henry [add]
08. This New Country [add]
09. The Gift [add]
10. 2,000 Years [add]

Still Restless: The Lost Tapes (1999) 01. Slow Burn' Fire lyrics
02. It's Alright [add]
03. Swamp Boogie [add]
04. Swamp Bogie [add]
05. Don't Blame It on Me [add]
06. Penny More lyrics
07. Accusations [add]
08. Feel You Closer [add]
09. This Old Town [add]
10. Just Before the Rain [add]
11. I Don't Want to Talk About It [add]
12. Don't Know Why [add]
13. She'd Calm Down [add]
14. Joanne lyrics
15. All Alone [add]
16. Good King Wenceslas [add]

There and Back: Live Skydiggers (2000) 01. Slow Burnin' Fire [add]
02. Just over the Mountain [add]
03. Alice Graham [add]
04. Radio Waves [add]
05. Dear Henry [add]
06. I Will Give You Everything [add]
07. Swamp Boogie [add]
08. The Truth About Us [add]
09. You've Got That Look in Your Eye [add]
10. Just Before the Rain [add]
11. Monday Morning [add]
12. Penny More lyrics
13. Biloxi [add]
14. Those Memories [add]
15. Will You Ride Wide Open [add]

Bittersweet Harmony (2003) 01. Anything for You [add]
02. Kings [add]
03. Fall Apart [add]
04. Horseshoe Bay [add]
05. Elizabeth Josephine [add]
06. Jane's Gone [add]
07. Sweet Heartache [add]
08. California [add]
09. See You Again [add]
10. Wherever You Go [add]
11. Back Out on the Road [add]
12. All of Our Dreaming [add]
13. Just Love Again [add]
14. Everybody's Girl [add]

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