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Kathleen Deignan lyrics
Genre: New Age
Returning (2006) 01. A Seat in Paradise [add]
02. Toward the Fields of Paradise [add]
03. I Myself Am the Road [add]
04. I Believe That My Redeemer Lives [add]
05. Song of the Lamb Psalm 22 [add]
06. A Clean Heart [add]
07. Be Peace [add]
08. Toward the Fields of Paradise [add]
09. De Profundis Psalm 130 [add]
10. Going Home [add]
11. A Seat in Paradise [add]
12. Heavenly Homeland [add]
13. Be the Road That Brings Us Home [add]
14. I Will Not Leave You Orphans [add]
15. A Seat in Paradise [add]
16. Monastic [add]

Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved (2006) 01. Oblation [add]
02. Season of Glad Song [add]
03. I Am Thine [add]
04. Nada [add]
05. Psalm of the Beloved [add]
06. Soul Afire [add]
07. The Queen's Song [add]
08. The Spirit and the Bride [add]
09. Sophia Is Gift [add]
10. Ave Maria [add]

Sabbath: Songs for Worship (2007) 01. Welcome Song [add]
02. Gloria [add]
03. Trinity Table Song [add]
04. Pilgrim Song [add]
05. Be Here Among Us [add]
06. I Will Exult [add]
07. In This Food [add]
08. Mysterium [add]
09. Endless Sabbaths [add]
10. This Is the Pasch [add]
11. Psalm of Ascent [add]
12. Psalm of Desire [add]
13. Sacred Ground [add]
14. Everlasting Sabbath [add]
15. ???? [add]

The Servant's Heart (2007) 01. As the Doe Longs for Running Streams [add]
02. Song of the Suffering Servant [add]
03. God Will Wipe Away Every Tear [add]
04. I Believe I Shall See [add]
05. I Must Grow Less [add]
06. Song of the Ransomed [add]
07. I Will Exult [add]
08. Let Your Heart Rejoice [add]
09. The Servant's Heart [add]
10. Magnificat [add]
11. My Shelter Is with Him [add]
12. Yahweh Let Your Love Rest on Us [add]
13. Little Magnificant [add]
14. Bring Us to the Wedding Feast [add]
15. Yahweh Teach Me Your Way [add]
16. Stay with Us Lord [add]
17. Everlasting Sabbath [add]

Visitation (2007) 01. Mary's Alleluia [add]
02. Morning Song [add]
03. Simple Gifts [add]
04. All That I Have Ever Desired [add]
05. Song of the Disciple [add]
06. Prayer of the Congregation [add]
07. The Queen's Song [add]
08. In the Footsteps of Mary [add]
09. Mission Song [add]
10. The More I Follow [add]
11. Living Water [add]
12. Psalm of the Beloved [add]
13. I Want to Feel Little [add]
14. Almightly God [add]
15. Spirit of Charity [add]
16. Blessing Song [add]
17. Be Always Little [add]
18. Visitation Songs and Magnificant [add]
19. Ave Maria [add]

A Garden Once Again. Songs in Celebration of Creation (2007) 01. Lauda [add]
02. Sophia [add]
03. O Daystar [add]
04. How Beautiful Upon the Mountain [add]
05. Patrick's Lorica (Morning) [add]
06. Sweeter Than Honey [add]
07. Loving Source of All Being [add]
08. O Shine on the World [add]
09. The Season of Glad Song [add]
10. O Thou Who Clothes the Lilies [add]
11. Gardner of the World [add]
12. Animal Reel [add]
13. Shores of Heaven [add]
14. Celtic Peace Chant [add]
15. All the Morning Stars [add]
16. Star Song [add]
17. The Spirit and the Bride [add]
18. Exultet [add]

Of Thanks and Wonder (2007) 01. Of Thanks and Wonder [add]
02. And Gabriel [add]
03. I Will Fall Like the Dew [add]
04. Let Us Give Ourselves [add]
05. Prepare a People [add]
06. Of John the Baptist [add]
07. If Your Thirsty [add]
08. Arise Shine Out [add]
09. Lord of the Dance [add]
10. Psalm of Desire [add]
11. Be Here Among Us [add]
12. God the One [add]
13. Our Ways Are Not Your Ways [add]
14. Look to the Lilies [add]
15. God Is a Lily of the Valley [add]
16. But You Spare All Things [add]
17. God Has Stopped Here [add]

Stations, Songs for the Paschal Journey (2007) 01. It Is with You That We Journey [add]
02. Song of the Suffering Servant [add]
03. O Beautiful One [add]
04. Bethany [add]
05. Refreshing Our Strength [add]
06. Pax Amor Christi [add]
07. Come Now [add]
08. Your Loving Will [add]
09. Miriam's Lullaby/Lament [add]
10. Song in the Wilderness [add]
11. Now We Follow Jesus [add]
12. The Reproaches [add]
13. O Jesus Joy [add]
14. Hail Cross [add]

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