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Mary Lambert lyrics
Genre: Children's
A Mary Christmas (2003) 01. A Mary Christmas [add]
02. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [add]
03. The Reindeer Jive [add]
04. My Little King [add]
05. Do You Hear What I Hear [add]
06. Jingle Bells [add]
07. Snowflake and Evergreen [add]
08. The Thing [add]
09. Away in a Manger [add]
10. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [add]
11. Jingle Bell Rock(ier) [add]
12. S.A.N.T.A. (Bingo) [add]
13. Santa's Summer Home [add]
14. Must Be Santa [add]
15. Silent Night [add]
16. We Wish You a Mary Christmas [add]

Chantons La Prevention (2003) 01. Briquets et Allumettes [add]
02. Le Camion Rouge [add]
03. Nos Pompiers [add]
04. Nid-A-Feu [add]
05. La Danse de Sparky [add]
06. Arrete, Tombe et Roule [add]
07. La Grande Evasion [add]
08. Si l'Alarme Sonne [add]
09. Le Mot de Passe [add]
10. Eteignez le Feu [add]
11. Enfants, Enseignez a Vos Parents [add]

Sing out Fire Safety (2003) 01. Tools Not Toys [add]
02. Big Red Ride [add]
03. Our Fire Fighters [add]
04. The Fire Bug [add]
05. Sparky's Funky Dance [add]
06. Stop, Drop & Roll [add]
07. The Great Escape [add]
08. When the Smoke Alarm Goes Off [add]
09. Remember the Pass Word [add]
10. Put out the Campfire [add]
11. Children, Teach Your Parents [add]

Swinging on a Star (2003) 01. Swinging on a Star [add]
02. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [add]
03. Apples and Bananas [add]
04. Left & Right [add]
05. The Hokey Pokey [add]
06. I Love Honey [add]
07. Swimming, Swimming [add]
08. Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines [add]
09. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Moon) [add]
10. My Moon [add]
11. Hibernation Is Awesome! [add]
12. Dem Bones [add]
13. Scare-A-Crow [add]
14. Jelly, Jelly [add]
15. I Want to Be an RCMP [add]
16. I Love My Canada [add]
17. Starkle, Starkle, Little Twink [add]

Family Fun (2003) 01. Big Blue Ride [add]
02. Adoption Means [add]
03. A Singin' Song [add]
04. Where's My Flicker [add]
05. What to Do [add]
06. Monster Methuselah [add]
07. Families Are Forever [add]
08. Kids at Heart [add]
09. The Shake & Wiggle [add]
10. Angel Boy [add]
11. Jam Blues [add]
12. Sam Spitz [add]
13. The Black Fly Boogie [add]
14. Mommy, Thank You [add]

Sing out Summer Fun (2003) 01. Mister Sun [add]
02. Take Your Umbrella to the Beach [add]
03. Rufus Rustus Johnson Brown [add]
04. It Ain't Gonna Rain No More [add]
05. Peanut Butter/Hunny [add]
06. The Prune Song [add]
07. Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
08. We're Going to the Fair [add]
09. Cute Patooters [add]
10. There Was Little Rooster [add]
11. Splish, Splash [add]
12. Bamboo [add]
13. The Little Green Frog [add]
14. Black Fly Boogie [add]
15. There Was a Great Big Moose [add]
16. Santa's Summer Home [add]
17. Muskoka Madness [add]
18. Camp Fire's Burning [add]

Sing out Kids' Safety (2004) 01. Walk It (Exercise) [add]
02. Because It's Halloween (Halloween Safety) [add]
03. Cycle Safe and Sound (Bicycle Safety) [add]
04. Safe Communities (Stranger Danger, Abuse) [add]
05. Press 9-1-1 (Police, Ambulance, Fire) [add]
06. Train Tracks Are for Trains (Train Track Safety) [add]
07. Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Boating and Buckle Up Safety) [add]
08. No Up and Down in the Boat (Boating Safety) [add]
09. Take Your Umbrella to the Beach (Sun Safety) [add]
10. Swimming, Swimming (Swimming Safety) [add]
11. Elmer's Funky Dance (School Bus Safety) [add]
12. The Fire Bug II (Fire and Burn Safety) [add]
13. Grandpa's Farm (Farm Safety) [add]
14. Buzzy the Busy Bully Bee (Bullying) [add]
15. The Name Game (Uniqueness of Each Child) [add]
16. Together We Learn (Friendship, Tolerance and Differences) [add]

Pajama Party (2006) 01. Pajama Party [add]
02. There Were Five in the Bed [add]
03. The Blankie [add]
04. Brush Your Teeth [add]
05. Five Little Monkeys [add]
06. The Belly Button Peek-A-Boo [add]
07. There Was a Great Big Moose [add]
08. Grandma's Feather Bed [add]
09. Gumpo's False Teeth [add]
10. The Ugly Duckling [add]
11. Where's My Flicker? [add]
12. The Unicorn Song [add]
13. Rock-A-Bye Baby [add]
14. That's an Irish Lullabye [add]
15. Angel Boy [add]
16. Daddy's Little Girl [add]
17. My Little Teddy Bear [add]
18. She [add]

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