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Smokey Wilson lyrics
Genre: Blues
With the William Clarke Band (1990) 01. Down in Virginia [add]
02. I Wish I Was Single [add]
03. Howling Wolf [add]
04. Tell Me What Do You See [add]
05. Bar Room Blues [add]
06. Cold Chills [add]
07. Ghetto Woman [add]
08. Dimples [add]
09. Lein on My Body [add]
10. The Things I Used to Do [add]
11. Truckload of Love [add]

Smoke N' Fire (1993) 01. Don't Burn Down L.A. [add]
02. You Took Everything from Me [add]
03. Smoke N' Fire [add]
04. Tired of Cryin' [add]
05. 88th Street Blues [add]
06. Killing Floor [add]
07. Tired of Waiting on You [add]
08. Nobody's Bid'ness [add]
09. I Didn't Know [add]
10. Just Messin' Around [add]
11. Why Don't You Let Me Be [add]

88th Street Blues (1995) 01. Standing at the Crossroads [add]
02. You Better Watch Yourself [add]
03. You Don't Love Me [add]
04. 88th Street Blues [add]
05. Sun Is Shining [add]
06. I Didn't Know [add]
07. You Know What My Body Needs [add]
08. Howlin' for My Darlin' [add]
09. I Got Something on You Baby [add]
10. How Smokey Feels [add]
11. Smokey's Shuffle [add]
12. Dimples [add]

The Real Deal (1995) 01. Son of A...Blues Player [add]
02. House in Hollywood [add]
03. Bad Boy [add]
04. Sittin' in Jackson [add]
05. Feel Like Going Home [add]
06. Rat Takin' Your Cheese [add]
07. In My Life [add]
08. Not Pickin' Your Cotton [add]
09. I Wanna Do It to You Baby [add]
10. When You Got Somebody [add]
11. Can't Make It Without You [add]

The Man from Mars (1997) 01. Thanks for Making Me a Star [add]
02. Something Inside of Me [add]
03. The Man from Mars [add]
04. 44 Blues [add]
05. Louise [add]
06. Too Drunk to Drive [add]
07. You Don't Drink What I Drink [add]
08. Black Widow [add]
09. Just Like a Mountain [add]
10. Don't Want to Tangle With Me [add]
11. Doctor Blues [add]
12. Easy Baby [add]

More Blues From the South Side (2000) 01. My Woman Is Gone [add]
02. Talk to Me [add]
03. I Know What You've Been Thinking [add]
04. Wi [add]
05. Seven Days [add]
06. BB Is the King [add]
07. Country Road [add]
08. Confucius [add]
09. Angola Blues [add]
10. Going Home Tomorrow [add]

Push (2003) 01. Deuce & Quarter (Low Rider) [add]
02. You Don't Love Me Yes I Know [add]
03. Disco Woman [add]
04. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
05. Happy Home [add]
06. I'll Be Holdin' on to You [add]
07. I'm Leaving Now [add]
08. Goin' Away Baby Round Like an Apple [add]
09. I've Got the Key to Your Heart [add]
10. Don't Make Me Pay for Your Mistakes [add]
11. High Time [add]
12. Push [add]
13. Jungle Woman [add]

Blowin' Smoke (2003) 01. Night Time [add]
02. Go Go Train [add]
03. Annie Lee [add]
04. Tell Me Baby [add]
05. How Many More Times [add]
06. Straighten Up Baby [add]
07. I Wanna Do It to You Baby [add]
08. Teach Me How to Love You [add]
09. I'm Love You Baby [add]
10. Put Your Lovin' Arms Around Me [add]
11. I'm Gonna Put You Down [add]

Texas Saturday Night (2003) 01. Texas Saturday Night [add]
02. Cowboy in the White House [add]
03. Fishin' [add]
04. Mexico [add]
05. Day by Day [add]
06. Dumped in Dumas [add]
07. Cajun Saturday Night [add]
08. Mopac Blues [add]
09. Right to Sing the Blues [add]
10. Texas Bitch [add]
11. Moon Over Terlingua [add]

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