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Bob Burgos lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Rebel Keeps Rockin': Wild Bob Burgos (2000) 01. Righ Behind You [add]
02. White Lighting [add]
03. Salt Box Hill [add]
04. Hypnotised [add]
05. Dreamland Boogie [add]
06. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll [add]
07. Emma [add]
08. Reedin' the Blues [add]
09. It's Been a Long Time [add]
10. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) [add]
11. Back Seat Driver [add]
12. Beware of the Hound [add]
13. Ride on Rebels [add]
14. Forever Rockin' [add]
15. A Taste of Wild Berries [add]
16. Mumbo Jumbo [add]
17. Beat the Clock [add]
18. I'm Telling You Now [add]

Ain't Nothin' But Rockin' (2000) 01. Real Wild Child [add]
02. (We're Gonna) Rock Like Never Before [add]
03. The Call of the Wildest [add]
04. Blue Skies (Keep Shining Down on Me) [add]
05. Together Forever [add]
06. Fraulein [add]
07. I'm Comin' Home [add]
08. You Are My Sunshine [add]
09. Why Did You Go (Why Did You Leave Me) [add]
10. I Need a New Flame [add]
11. I've Seen the Light [add]
12. I'm a Rocker [add]
13. My Way of Rockin' [add]
14. I Am What I Am [add]

House Rockin' (2000) 01. From London to Chicago [add]
02. House Rockin' [add]
03. Just Passin' By [add]
04. Moonshine [add]
05. Two Timin' [add]
06. Let the Good Times Roll Again [add]
07. Honest I Do [add]
08. Are You Still Rockin' [add]
09. Rockabilly Star [add]
10. I'm Nobody's Fool [add]
11. Rollin' the Dice [add]
12. The Moose Is Loose [add]

It's Gotta Be Rockin' (2001) 01. Rockin' the Stomp [add]
02. 24 Hours a Day [add]
03. House Rockin' Shuffle [add]
04. Blues Keep Followin' Me [add]
05. Down That Road I'll Go [add]
06. Bitten by the Rumba [add]
07. Tell Me Why [add]
08. Jackpot Boogie [add]
09. One More Cup of Coffee [add]
10. Seasons Greetings [add]
11. It's Gotta Be Rockin' [add]
12. Blue Rhythm Tango [add]

Can't Stop Rockin' (2003) 01. Are You Ready? [add]
02. Secondary Man [add]
03. Rebel Rockin' Billy [add]
04. Irene [add]
05. Blue Horizon [add]
06. Livin' With the Blues [add]
07. One Way Street [add]
08. Can't Stop Rockin' [add]
09. Stop Look & Listen [add]
10. Don't Cramp My Style [add]
11. Our Deed Is Done [add]
12. Twilight Dreams [add]

100% Rockin' (2005) 01. Rockin' the Stomp [add]
02. Red Light, Green Light [add]
03. She's Be Rockin' (But Not with Me) [add]
04. Ain't Comin' Back No More [add]
05. Echo Boogie [add]
06. Right Behind You [add]
07. Rollin' the Dice [add]
08. Trouble's Brewin' [add]
09. Drum Tattoo Bop [add]
10. I'm Gonna Rock with You [add]
11. Can't Stop Rockin' [add]
12. Skeggy Rock 'N' Roll [add]
13. Ride on Rebels [add]
14. Wild Berry Boogie [add]
15. Hypnotised [add]
16. It's Been a Long Time [add]
17. Feelin' Fine [add]
18. Home Town Rockin' [add]
19. Shot in the Dark [add]
20. Just Passin' By [add]
21. A Taste of Wild Berries [add]
22. Don't Cramp My Style [add]
23. Son of a Gun [add]
24. Are You Ready [add]
25. 24 Hours a Day [add]

Restless and Rockin' (2007) 01. Every Day I Go Rockin' [add]
02. Doin' Things Right [add]
03. Billy Goat Rock [add]
04. I've Had a Nervous Breakdown Before [add]
05. She's Goin' out to Parties [add]
06. Don't Mess with Me Baby [add]
07. Saturday Night Rockin' [add]
08. Don't Stop It [add]
09. Birthday Girl [add]
10. Restless 'N' Rockin' [add]
11. Rumble in the Jungle [add]
12. Cut-A-Rug [add]

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