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Cave Catt Sammy lyrics
Genre: Rock
Fast Cars & Smoky Bars (1999) 01. Juke Box Criminal [add]
02. Hang on to Your Girl [add]
03. In It Til' I Win It [add]
04. My Baby [add]
05. Fast Cars and Smoky Bars [add]
06. Pokin' Fun [add]
07. Life of Sin [add]
08. Angel Dressed in Black [add]
09. Mr. All Night Long [add]
10. Royal Crown Riot [add]
11. Flathead V-8 [add]

Comin' on Strong (2001) 01. Comin' on Strong [add]
02. You Won't Last One Night [add]
03. Shut That Door [add]
04. Milkin' the Ol' Freight Line [add]
05. Bombs Away [add]
06. South Texas Boogie [add]
07. Rocket to the Moon [add]
08. Dressed to Kill [add]
09. Honky Tonk Star [add]
10. Turn up the Joint [add]
11. Puri Dai [add]
12. Baby Back It Up [add]
13. Supersonic Mania [add]

Love Me Like Crazy (2002) 01. Gonna Rock and Roll [add]
02. Doggone, She's Gone [add]
03. Sticky Fingers [add]
04. She Loves Her Man [add]
05. No Love in You [add]
06. Love Me Like Crazy [add]
07. Raining Honey [add]
08. No No Girl [add]
09. Second Hand Lover [add]
10. You Made Your Bed lyrics
11. Everybody Loves My Gal [add]
12. Brown Haired Girl [add]
13. Jumpin' Jack [add]
14. Firewater [add]

Whiskey and the Devil (2003) 01. I Hate You Gin [add]
02. Your Money Makes You Purty [add]
03. Down at the Quarthouse [add]
04. Right Around the Corner [add]
05. Thinking About You [add]
06. Knocked Out [add]
07. The C-Jack Jump [add]
08. April's Fools [add]
09. If I Were King [add]
10. The Thing I Lack Is a Cadillac [add]
11. Cast Iron Arm [add]
12. The Nautilus [add]

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