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Linda Lewis lyrics
Genre: R&B
Lark (1972) 01. Spring Song lyrics
02. Reach for the Truth [add]
03. It's the Frame lyrics
04. Feeling Feeling lyrics
05. What Are You Asking Me For [add]
06. Lark lyrics
07. Old Smokey [add]
08. Gladly Give My Hand [add]
09. More Than a Fool lyrics
10. Been My Best [add]
11. Waterbaby [add]
12. Little Indians [add]

Woman Overboard (1977) 01. You Came lyrics
02. Shining lyrics
03. Bonfire lyrics
04. Come Back and Finish What You Started lyrics
05. No 1 Heartbreaker [add]
06. Dreamer of Dreams lyrics
07. Moon and I lyrics
08. Light Years Away [add]
09. My Love Is Here to Stay [add]
10. My Friend the Sun lyrics
11. So Many Mysteries to Find [add]

Hacienda View (1979) 01. Data Love [add]
02. Rolling for a While [add]
03. Best Days of My Life [add]
04. 109 Jamaica Highway [add]
05. My Aphrodisiac You lyrics
06. Beggars and Kings [add]
07. I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You lyrics
08. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time lyrics
09. Save the Last Dance for Me [add]
10. Sleeping Like a Baby Now [add]

A Tear and a Smile (1983) 01. This Boy [add]
02. Desination Love lyrics
03. Close the Door, Take Your Heart lyrics
04. Don't Let It Go lyrics
05. I Am What I Am lyrics
06. Take Me for a Little While lyrics
07. You Don't Know What You're Missing lyrics
08. Why Can't I Be the Other Woman lyrics
09. Sweet Heartache lyrics
10. I Can't Get Enough [add]

Second Nature (1995) 01. So Sixties [add]
02. What's This All About? [add]
03. More Than Enough [add]
04. For Love's Sake [add]
05. Love Inside [add]
06. Love Plateau [add]
07. Soon Come [add]
08. Born Performer [add]
09. Sideway Shuffle [add]
10. Do Ya Know Dino? [add]
11. Sweet to Do Nothing [add]
12. Moment of Diamond [add]
13. In the Heat [add]

Whatever... (1998) 01. Far Cry [add]
02. Don't Come Crying [add]
03. Easy [add]
04. Whatever [add]
05. He's a Diamond [add]
06. Makes You Wonder [add]
07. Doin' the Right Thing [add]
08. Breathing Space [add]
09. Last Call [add]
10. Light Years Away [add]
11. Mr Respectable [add]
12. Reach for the Truth [add]
13. And of the Sun [add]

Kiss of Life (1999) 01. All My Laugh [add]
02. It Don't Hurt [add]
03. Wearing Wings [add]
04. Da'lin' (Groove) [add]
05. Our Day Will Come [add]
06. Kiss of Life [add]
07. Too Good to Be True [add]
08. Angry Young Man (You Are An) [add]
09. Like I Dance [add]
10. Earthed Again [add]
11. Nobody But You [add]

Live in Old Smokey (2006) 01. For Love's Sake [add]
02. I Don't Do Don't lyrics
03. I'm in Love Again lyrics
04. Waving [add]
05. Old Smokey [add]
06. I Keep a Wish [add]
07. Love Plateau [add]
08. Do You Know Dino? [add]
09. Moon and I lyrics
10. Far Cry [add]
11. Rock a Doodle Do lyrics
12. Grandaddy's Calypso [add]
13. Sideway Shuffle [add]
14. Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine [add]

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