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Linda Book lyrics
Genre: Children's
In Her Overalls (1995) 01. The Overalls Song [add]
02. Two Dogs Looking at Two Seals Looking at Two Dogs... [add]
03. The Goose [add]
04. The Baby Can [add]
05. The New Puppy [add]
06. Walnut Shell Boat [add]
07. Self Portrait [add]
08. Berry Pie [add]
09. In Everyone [add]
10. There's Nothing You Can Do When Your Whistle Won't Work [add]
11. Margaret the Gallery Cat [add]
12. There's Nothing Like a Good Old Dog [add]
13. Preschooler's Lament [add]

The Company of Friends (1997) 01. The Company of Friends [add]
02. Willie's Song [add]
03. Big Tall Lady [add]
04. Phoebe and Blue Jay [add]
05. The Hummingbird Song [add]
06. Red-Tailed Hawk [add]
07. Live and Let Live [add]
08. Sun Goin' Down on the Ocean [add]
09. White Owl on a Night Sky [add]
10. Angel, Gillian, And Jonathan [add]
11. I Can't Get Wyoming Out of My Mind [add]
12. The Queen and the Cockroach [add]
13. Sunflowers [add]
14. A Heaven for Hamsters [add]
15. Gualala Waltz [add]
16. Boston Bound [add]

Someday I'm Gonna Have a Horse (2002) 01. Little Birdie [add]
02. Someday I'm Gonna Have a Horse [add]
03. Lather Me Up [add]
04. I Wish It Were My Birthday [add]
05. Five Things About My Dog [add]
06. Kathy the Duck [add]
07. Everybody Ought to Have a Home [add]
08. The Bug Took a Walk [add]
09. The Garbage Tree [add]
10. The Thing With the Snow Inside [add]
11. Thumbsuckers' Anthem [add]
12. Halloween [add]
13. Circle of Peas [add]

Wrong Side Dog (2003) 01. Mother Nature Delivers [add]
02. Everybody Knows [add]
03. Itty Bitty Eggs [add]
04. John Saw the Moon [add]
05. The Earthworm [add]
06. Wrong Side Dog [add]
07. I've Climbed the Tree Again [add]
08. All the Lovely Things About Rain [add]
09. My Friend Louise [add]
10. Who Left the Blankie at Grandmother's House? [add]
11. At the Bird Feeder [add]
12. Another Generic Town [add]
13. A Hole in My Wardrobe [add]
14. It's Not a Small Town Anymore [add]
15. The Waterfall [add]
16. Where Does the Water Go? [add]

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