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The Uncle Brothers lyrics
Genre: Children's
Two Big Kids (2000) 01. Gift from the Heart (Quinn, Gardner) [add]
02. This Land Is Your Land (Guthrie) [add]
03. I Can (Gardner) [add]
04. Waltzing With Bears (Marxen) [add]
05. Down to the Beach (Quinn) [add]
06. Jamaica Farewell (Burgess) [add]
07. This Old Man (Trad.) [add]
08. Reach Out (Quinn, Connolly) [add]
09. Team Work (Gardner, Quinn) [add]
10. If I Had a Hammer (Hayes, Seeger) [add]
11. Rainbow (Gardner) [add]
12. Waltzing Matilda (Trad.) [add]
13. Young McDonald (Trad. , Gardner) [add]
14. The Other Happy Birthday Song (Quinn, Gardner) [add]
15. What You Do With What You've Got (Kahn) [add]

Just Say Uncle! (2003) 01. Great Big Spinning Ball (Quinn) [add]
02. It's All There (At the Library) (Quinn, Gardner) [add]
03. I Will Never Smoke (Gardner) [add]
04. Man in the Moose (Quinn, Gardner) [add]
05. It's Just a Game [add]
06. Just Say No (To Drugs) (Quinn) [add]
07. When We're Happy We Laugh (Gardner) [add]
08. Family Trip (Quinn) [add]
09. Courage (Gardner) [add]
10. Everybody's Getting' Around (Quinn) [add]
11. Magic Pencil (Gardner) [add]
12. Talk to Me (Quinn) [add]
13. Thank You Letters (Gardner) [add]
14. Teasebuster (Quinn, Gardner) [add]
15. Say Uncle (Quinn, Gardner, Jenks) [add]

Monkey's Uncle (2004) 01. Friends from Everywhere (Quinn) [add]
02. Ice Cream Sundae (Gardner) [add]
03. Pieces of a Puzzle (Quinn) [add]
04. Jugglin' All This Jazz (Gardner) [add]
05. Precious Cargo (Quinn, Koonz) [add]
06. Power of Words (Gardner) [add]
07. Do You Like to Dance (Quinn) [add]
08. I'm Not Good Yet (Gardner) [add]
09. PBJ (Quinn) [add]
10. Halloween Parade (Gardner) [add]
11. Hurray for the Teachers (Quinn) [add]
12. If a Book Could Talk (Gardner) [add]
13. Pool Party (Quinn) [add]
14. Mothers Day Song [add]
15. High Hopes (Cahn, Huesen) [add]

Songs for Schools: Positive Choices (2006) 01. Don't Miss the Boat [add]
02. Pieces of a Puzzle [add]
03. Rainbow [add]
04. Just Say No to Drugs [add]
05. I Will Never Smoke [add]
06. Bully Bubba [add]
07. Different [add]
08. I Can [add]
09. Try Try Again [add]
10. Hurray for the Teachers [add]

Songs for Schools: Reading (2006) 01. It's All There at the Library [add]
02. Learn to Read [add]
03. If a Book Could Talk [add]
04. Kangaroo Waffles [add]
05. Great Big Spinning Ball [add]
06. Next Harry Potter [add]
07. Heather and the Unicorn [add]
08. Imagine This! [add]
09. The Invention Song [add]
10. My Candy Tree [add]

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