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Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson lyrics
Genre: Blues
Luther's Blues [Evidence] (1976) 01. Back at the Chicken Shack [add]
02. Come Baby [add]
03. Too Many Drivers [add]
04. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
05. Luther's Blues [add]
06. I Can't Stop [add]
07. Nobody Wants to Lose [add]
08. Mother-In-Law [add]
09. Better Watch Yourself [add]
10. Little Queenie [add]
11. Boogin' in the Dark [add]

Doin' the Sugar Too (1984) 01. Doin' the Sugar Too [add]
02. Flippin' and Floppin' [add]
03. I'm Ready [add]
04. I Need Some Air [add]
05. Woke Up This Mornin' [add]
06. Hard Times (Have Surely Come) [add]
07. Get on the Floor [add]
08. Time to Make My Getaway [#] [add]
09. Bad Boy [add]
10. You Were Wrong [add]
11. Early in the Mornin' Blues [add]
12. What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You [add]
13. Doin' the Sugar Too [alternate take/#] [add]

I Want to Groove with You (1990) 01. Red Beans [add]
02. Can't Get Along with You [add]
03. I'm from Mississippi [add]
04. Luther's Boogie [add]
05. I Want to Groove With You [add]
06. Merry Christmas, Baby [add]
07. Graveyard Dogs [add]
08. Who's That Come Walkin' [add]
09. Young Boy Blues [add]
10. Texas Cowboy [add]
11. Call Me Guitar Junior [add]
12. I'm Leaving Chicago [add]

It's Good to Me (1992) 01. Feel So Bad [add]
02. Come Back to Me [add]
03. Deep Down in Florida [add]
04. I'm Leaving You [add]
05. If You Love Me Like You Say [add]
06. I Wonder [add]
07. Stealin' Chickens [add]
08. It's Good to Me [add]
09. Raise Your Window [add]
10. Next Door Neighbor [add]
11. That's All I Need [add]
12. In My Younger Days [add]

Country Sugar Papa (1994) 01. Walkin' With You Baby [add]
02. If the Blues Was Whiskey [add]
03. Big Leg Woman [add]
04. Called Me on the Phone Last Night [add]
05. You Told Me Baby [add]
06. Southern Country Boy [add]
07. I'm a King Bee [add]
08. Can't Come Home [add]
09. I'm Going Back, Back, Back [add]
10. I Love You [add]
11. Whiskey Drinkin' Woman [add]
12. Ain't Treating Me Right [add]
13. You Belong to Me [add]

Slammin' on the West Side (1996) 01. A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac and Some Money) [add]
02. She's Lookin' Good [add]
03. Hey Little Girl [add]
04. I Ain't Doin' Too Bad [add]
05. It's Good to Me [add]
06. Sittin' on the Back Seat of a Greyhound Bus [add]
07. Every Woman Needs to Be Loved [add]
08. Stranded [add]
09. Early in the Mornin' Blues [add]
10. Another Man [add]
11. Hard Times (Have Surely Come) [add]
12. The Woman I Love [add]
13. Get up and Go [add]
14. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) [add]
15. Waiting at the Station [add]
16. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On [add]

Got to Find a Way (1998) 01. On Your Way Fishin' [add]
02. Got to Find a Way [add]
03. Luther's Blues [add]
04. Home Alone [add]
05. You Ought to Be Ashamed [add]
06. So Mean to Me [add]
07. I Pity the Fool [add]
08. Just Like Mama Said [add]
09. I Gotta Move Out of My Neighborhood [add]
10. I Got the Blues [add]
11. Talkin' on My Phone [add]

Live at the Rynborn (1999) 01. I Don't Know Why [add]
02. You Don't Have to Go [add]
03. What You've Been Putting Down [add]
04. It's My Life, Baby [add]
05. Stealin' Chickens [add]
06. Love My Baby [add]
07. Five Long Years [add]
08. Hello Josephine [add]
09. "C" as in Chester [add]
10. If the Blues Was Whiskey [add]
11. Rynborn Boogie [add]

Talkin' About Soul (2001) 01. Talkin' About Soul [add]
02. I've Got a Woman [add]
03. Somebody Have Mercy [add]
04. It's Your Thing/ I'll Pay You Back [add]
05. Lonesome Whistle Blues [add]
06. Crazy Over You [add]
07. Ramblin' Blues [add]
08. You've Got Bad Intentions/Crying Won't Help You [add]
09. Why Are People Like That [add]
10. Poison Ivy [add]
11. Suffer So Hard With the Blues [add]
12. No Worry No More [add]
13. I'm Gone [add]

Luther's Blues [Black & Blue] (2003) 01. Back at the Chicken Shack [add]
02. You'd Better Watch Yourself [Take 1] [add]
03. Mother-In-Law Blues [Take 2] [add]
04. Luther's Blues [add]
05. Little Queenie [Take 2] [add]
06. Too Many Drivers [add]
07. I Can't Stop [add]
08. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
09. Come Baby [add]
10. Nobody Wants to Lose [add]
11. You'd Better Watch Yourself [#] [add]
12. Boogin' in the Dark [Take 2] [add]
13. Little Queenie [#] [add]

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