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The Cate Brothers lyrics
Genre: Blues
The Cate Brothers Bands (1977) 01. Rendezvous [add]
02. Woman I'm Tryin' [add]
03. Stranger at the Door [add]
04. Out on a Limb [add]
05. Let It Slide [add]
06. I'm No Pretender [add]
07. I Can't Give Up [add]
08. Yield Not to Temptation [add]
09. Give Me a Reason [add]

Fire on the Tracks (1979) 01. Time Is Like a Thief [add]
02. Looks Like You Made It [add]
03. I Won't Wait [add]
04. In So Deep [add]
05. Fire on the Tracks [add]
06. Live Like You Want to Live [add]
07. Takin' a Chance [add]
08. Reunion [add]
09. Can't Share Your Love [add]
10. I Don't Know Why [add]

Radioland (1995) 01. There Goes the Neighborhood [add]
02. Radioland [add]
03. Am I Losing You [add]
04. Damn Guilty Blues [add]
05. Recovered His Soul [add]
06. Please No More [add]
07. Solid Ground [add]
08. After This Time [add]
09. Sometimes It Jumps [add]
10. Strip Search (For Love) [add]
11. All I Gave [add]
12. Happy Ever After Love [add]

Struck a Vein (1997) 01. Struck a Vein [add]
02. Can't Keep up With You [add]
03. Snake Charmer [add]
04. Blue Motel [add]
05. Stranger at My Door [add]
06. Rocket City Bar [add]
07. I Missed My Dream [add]
08. Even Now [add]
09. Hurry Sundown [add]
10. I Just Want to Sing [add]

Arkansas Soul Siblings (The Crazy Cajun Records) (1999) 01. Yield Not to Temptation [add]
02. Friendship Train [add]
03. God Gave Me a Woman [add]
04. We All Got to Help Each Other [add]
05. Don't Cry No More [add]
06. You're Worth It All [add]
07. Rescue Me [add]
08. What Makes the World Turn [add]
09. Yes Indeed [add]
10. Born to Wander [add]
11. Let's Start All Over [add]
12. Let It Be [add]
13. Living on a Country Side [add]
14. Can't Live Alone [add]
15. I Made up My Mind [add]
16. Always Waiting [add]
17. Can't Change My Heart [add]
18. When Love Comes [add]
19. Think About Your Fellow Man [add]
20. I Got to Be Your Man [add]

Live (1999) 01. Time Is a Theif [add]
02. Careless Road [add]
03. Are You Happy Now [add]
04. In One Eye and Out the Other [add]
05. You Can't Change My Heart [add]
06. Where Can We Go [add]
07. Baby Wants Inside [add]
08. Give It to a Good Man [add]
09. Union Man [add]
10. I'm on Your Side [add]
11. Steamy Windows [add]
12. All Along the Watchtower [add]

Play by the Rules (2004) 01. She Don't Play by the Rules [add]
02. Let's Start All Over Again [add]
03. Out on a Limb [add]
04. This Side of Heaven [add]
05. Child of the Wild Blue Yonder [add]
06. Think [add]
07. Wake Up Call [add]
08. The Shape I'm In [add]
09. Back to Memphis [add]
10. Why Oh Why [add]
11. Yield Not to Temptation [add]

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