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The Jealous Type lyrics
Genre: Rock
I Blame Everyone but You (2002) 01. My God, It's Full of Stars [add]
02. Too Much [add]
03. Megaphone Crooner [add]
04. Tired and Loveless [add]
05. Lucky Girl [add]
06. Until the Bitter End [add]
07. Why Bother? [add]
08. 1500 Miles Beneath the Earth [add]
09. Jonah Drowns [add]
10. Thanksgiving Day [add]
11. Still Live [add]
12. Once I Was a Little Light [add]
13. To the Death of Things [add]
14. Tomorrow in Your Eyes [add]
15. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
16. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
17. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
18. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
19. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
20. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
21. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
22. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]
23. Tomorrow in Your Eyes (Continued) [add]

Vaguely About a Girl (2004) 01. Achieving Timescape Zer0 [add]
02. When Ripples Become Waves [add]
03. Living History [add]
04. React and Retract [add]
05. Never Made It to Madison [add]
06. Allthe Bad Things Come Out of Nowhere [add]
07. Barely There at All [add]
08. Rust [add]
09. Three Giant Mechs [add]
10. Dear Lady Distain [add]
11. Through the Leak [add]
12. Hostile 17 [add]
13. Taking Hold [add]
14. Waiting for Another Day [add]
15. on Her Majesties Broken Little Wings [add]
16. Loop Thang (Back That Azz Up!!!) [add]
17. Love Is... [add]

Farewell to Open Arms (2005) 01. Brand New Soul [add]
02. Reckless [add]
03. The Hardest Part [add]
04. Ghost Inside [add]
05. Easy Come [add]
06. Starstruck [add]
07. Show Me [add]
08. Temporary High [add]
09. Naked on the Inside [add]
10. Hesitation [add]
11. Made It [add]
12. Happy Pills [add]
13. Second Sleep [add]
14. Wasted Dreams [add]

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