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Milemarker lyrics
Genre: Rock
Changing Caring Humans (0000) 01. Staple [add]
02. Battleship [add]
03. From Russia With Love [add]
04. Three Point Throwing Star [add]
05. What Is Your Motive? [add]
06. Insect Incest [add]
07. Irc to the CIA [add]
08. Chronology of the Service Industry [add]
09. Love + Murder [add]
10. My Ears Are Burning [add]
11. Suicide Machine [add]
12. Receiver [add]
13. Bombthreat [add]
14. Address [add]
15. Tame [add]
16. Briefcase [add]

Anaesthetic (2001) 01. Shrink to Fit [add]
02. Food for Worms [add]
03. A Quick Trip to the Clinic [add]
04. Lost the Thoughts But Kept the Skin [add]
05. Ant Architect [add]
06. The Fear Is Back in Town [add]
07. The Installment Plan [add]

Frigid Forms Sell (2002) 01. Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth [add]
02. Signal Froze [add]
03. Sex Jam One: Sexual Machinery [add]
04. Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest [add]
05. Cryogenic Sleep [add]
06. Industry for the Blind [add]
07. Tundra [add]
08. Internet Relay Chat With the Central Intelligence Agency [add]
09. Server Error [add]
10. Platinum [add]

Satanic Versus (2002) 01. Join Our Party [add]
02. The Banner to the Sick [add]
03. New Lexicon [add]
04. Idle Hands [add]
05. Lost the Thoughts But Kept the Skin [add]
06. Satanic Versus [add]

Ominosity (2005) 01. Killed on Public Transit [add]
02. Food Chain [add]
03. Pornographic Architecture [add]
04. Deserted [add]
05. Sun Out [add]
06. Landlord [add]
07. Virutal Sex [add]
08. Rambler [add]
09. Rivers of Blood [add]
10. Hydrochondria [add]

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