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Genre: Country
Old Flames (1978) 01. Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You [add]
02. Blue Ribbon Blues [add]
03. I Came on Business for the King [add]
04. Born Too Late [add]
05. Ozark Mountain Lullaby [add]
06. Midnight Train of Memories [add]
07. High and Dry [add]
08. This Body That I Call My Home [add]
09. That Evil Child [add]
10. Danny Dill & Marijohn Wilkin [add]
11. Long Black Veil [add]

Out of Your Mind (1979) 01. Out Among the Stars [add]
02. Shotgun Rider [add]
03. Out of Your Mind [add]
04. Home Away from Home I'll Find It Where I Can [add]
05. Little Bit of Push [add]
06. I'd Rather Go on Hurtin' [add]
07. Mysteries of Life (My First Truckin' Song) [add]
08. Why You Been Gone So Long [add]
09. I'm Still Crazy About Yo [add]
10. One Timers [add]

Livin' on Honky Tonk Time (1980) 01. Ready for the Times to Get Better [add]
02. My Sweet Love Ain't Around [add]
03. We're All a Bunch of Outlaws in Our Mind [add]
04. Please Pull Away from Me [add]
05. Bottom Line [add]
06. I'd Better Go Home [add]
07. Lonesome Rainin' City [add]
08. Bombed Boozed and Busted [add]
09. Alabama Rose [add]
10. Hobo on a Freight Train to Heaven [add]
11. Honky Tonkin' [add]
12. Knockin' on Heaven's Door [add]

I Ain't Honky Tonkin' Anymore (1981) 01. I Ain't Honky Tonkin' Anymore [add]
02. Slow Moving Freight Train [add]
03. Stepping Out Blues [add]
04. Fraulein [add]
05. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
06. Gimme Some Loving [add]
07. Take the Time to Fall [add]
08. Living Outside the Law [add]
09. Hold Up in Some Honky Tonk [add]
10. Boys in the Back of the Bus [add]

The Best (1982) 01. Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You [add]
02. I'll Find It Where I Can [add]
03. Midnight Train of Memories [add]
04. Shotgun Rider [add]
05. Long Black Veil [add]
06. You Make Me Want to Sing [add]
07. High and Dry [add]
08. Blue Ribbon Blues [add]
09. Out of Your Mind [add]
10. Bombed Boozed and Busted [add]

Sun Never Sets (1984) 01. Dark Side of Town [add]
02. Peel Arkansas [add]
03. Light That Shines the Brightest [add]
04. It Don't Take Much (Ode to Teaser) [add]
05. Next Motel [add]
06. Sun Never Sets [add]
07. Bad for Me [add]
08. No One Said It Was Gonna Be Easy [add]
09. Who in the Hell Are They [add]
10. Throw Me a Line [add]
11. Simple Sing-A-Long Country Song [add]
12. Everyone in Sweden [add]

Twilight Zone (1988) 01. Twilight Zone [add]
02. Bad for Me [add]
03. Cool as the Clay [add]
04. What Time Can Do [add]
05. Highway to Heaven [add]
06. Could I Stay With You Tonight [add]
07. Throw Me a Line [add]
08. West Texas Wind [add]
09. Tearin' Up My Tickets to Tulsa [add]
10. Almost Over the Line [add]

Hank Bogart Still Lives (1989) 01. Hank and Bogart Still Live [add]
02. Part of Me Missing You [add]
03. Doreen [add]
04. Slow Motion [add]
05. Stand of the South Being Down [add]
06. Chasing Rainbows [add]
07. Maxine [add]
08. Gas and Food Exit Off 1-24 [add]
09. Jimmy 55 [add]
10. Watermelon Time in Georgia [add]
11. Burning Memories [add]
12. Good Loving Bad [add]
13. Ballad of Thunder Road [add]

Heartbreak Saloon (1998) 01. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down [add]
02. Heartbreak Saloon [add]
03. Some Lucky Stardust [add]
04. Hearts of Gold [add]
05. Honky Tonk Hell [add]
06. Birmingham in the Rain [add]
07. Johnny B. Goode [add]
08. Better Yesterday [add]
09. Steppin' Stones [add]
10. House of the Rising Sun [add]
11. Tearin' Up My Ticket to Tulsa [add]
12. Honky Tonkin' This World Round [add]
13. Dancin' Too Much [add]
14. Roll on Big River [add]
15. Forever Young [add]

Dixie and Me (2006) 01. Dixie and Me [add]
02. Blow the Stars out of the Sky [add]
03. Jesus Was a Real Man [add]
04. The Animal Song [add]
05. Get My Ship Together [add]
06. Lucky [add]
07. Some Old Memory [add]
08. Lady Who Plays the Organ [add]
09. So Easy to Hold [add]
10. I've Never Been to Heaven [add]
11. The City [add]
12. Oh Ma [add]
13. When the Shit Hits the Fan [add]

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