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Jonathan Coulton lyrics
Genre: Rock
Smoking Monkey (2003) 01. I'm Having a Party [add]
02. Bozo's Lament [add]
03. Kenesaw Mountain Landis [add]
04. Ikea [add]
05. I Hate California [add]
06. Christmas Is Interesting [add]
07. Over There [add]
08. Millionaire Girlfriend [add]
09. First of May [add]
10. De-Evolving [add]
11. I'm a Mason Now [add]
12. Overhead [add]

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow (2004) 01. The Future Soon [add]
02. Skullcrusher Mountain [add]
03. I Crush Everything [add]
04. Betty and Me [add]
05. Mandelbrot Set [add]

Thing a Week One (2006) 01. See You All in Hell [add]
02. My Monkey [add]
03. W's Duty [add]
04. Shop Vac [add]
05. Baby Got Back [add]
06. Someone Is Crazy [add]
07. Brand New Sucker [add]
08. Sibling Rivalry [add]
09. The Town Crotch [add]
10. Podsafe Christmas Song [add]
11. Furry Old Lobster [add]
12. Drive [add]

Thing a Week Two (2006) 01. Flickr [add]
02. Resolutions [add]
03. You Could Be Her [add]
04. I Will [add]
05. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance [add]
06. So Far So Good [add]
07. Curl [add]
08. Chiron Beta Prime [add]
09. Take Care of Me [add]
10. A Talk with George [add]
11. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
12. Stroller Town [add]
13. Re: Your Brains [add]

Thing a Week Four (2006) 01. Skymall [add]
02. Seahorse [add]
03. Creepy Doll [add]
04. Under the Pines [add]
05. Big Bad World One [add]
06. Mr. Fancy Pants [add]
07. You Ruined Everything [add]
08. I'm Your Moon [add]
09. The Big Boom [add]
10. Make You Cry [add]
11. Pull the String [add]
12. Summer's Over [add]
13. We Will Rock You [add]
14. We Are the Champions [add]

Thing a Week Three (2006) 01. Madelaine [add]
02. When You Go [add]
03. Code Monkey [add]
04. The Presidents [add]
05. Just as Long as Me [add]
06. Till the Money Comes [add]
07. Tom Cruise Crazy [add]
08. Famous Blue Raincoat [add]
09. Soft Rocked by Me [add]
10. Not About You [add]
11. Rock and Roll Boy [add]
12. Drinking with You [add]
13. Pizza Day [add]

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