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Lonnie Brooks lyrics
Genre: Blues
The Crawl (1955) 01. The Crawl [add]
02. Family Rules [add]
03. I Got It Made When I Marry Shirley Mae [add]
04. Tell Me Baby [add]
05. Love Me Love Me Mary Ann [add]
06. Now You Know [add]
07. Roll, Roll, Roll [alternate take] [add]
08. Roll, Roll, Roll [add]
09. Broken Hearted Rollin' Tears [add]
10. Oo Wee Baby [add]
11. Please [add]
12. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down [add]
13. Love Me Love Me Mary Ann [add]
14. Knocks Me Out Fine, Fine, Fine [add]

Live at Pepper's 1968 (1968) 01. Hide Away [add]
02. You Put It on Me [add]
03. Sweet Little Angel [add]
04. Shakin' Little Mama [add]
05. Can't Hold Out Much Longer [add]
06. The Train and the Horse [add]
07. You Don't Have to Go [add]
08. Who's Making Love? [add]

Sweet Home Chicago (1975) 01. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
02. Two Guitars Shuffle [add]
03. Crosscut Saw [add]
04. Reconsider Baby [add]
05. Things I Used to Do [add]
06. The Train and the Horse [add]
07. Crazy About You Baby [add]
08. Big Leg Woman [add]
09. Mama Talk to Your Daughter [add]
10. Woke up This Morning [#/*] [add]

Let's Talk It Over (1977) 01. Let's Talk It Over [add]
02. Hard Gamblin' Woman [add]
03. Why Do Things Have to Change [add]
04. Crash Head on into Love [add]
05. If You Want Me to Love You [add]
06. Hide Away [add]
07. Reconsider Baby [add]
08. Greasy Man [add]

Bayou Lightning (1979) 01. Voodoo Daddy [add]
02. Figure Head [add]
03. Watch Dog [add]
04. Breakfast in Bed [add]
05. In the Dark [add]
06. Worked up Woman [add]
07. Alimony [add]
08. Watch What You Got [add]
09. I Ain't Superstitious [add]
10. You Know What My Body Needs [add]

Turn on the Night (1981) 01. Eyeballin' [add]
02. Inflation [add]
03. Teenage Boogie Man [add]
04. Heavy Traffic [add]
05. I'll Take Care of You [add]
06. TV Mama [add]
07. Mother Nature [add]
08. Don't Go to Sleep on Me [add]
09. Something You Got [add]
10. Zydeco [add]

Hot Shot (1983) 01. Don't Take Advantage of Me [add]
02. Wrong Number [add]
03. Messed up Again [add]
04. Family Rules [add]
05. Back Trail [add]
06. I Want All My Money Back [add]
07. Mr. Hot Shot [add]
08. Brand New Mojo Hand [add]
09. Mr. Somebody [add]
10. One More Shot [add]

Wound Up Tight (1986) 01. Got Lucky Last Night [add]
02. Jealous Man [add]
03. Belly Rubbin' Music [add]
04. Bewitched [add]
05. End of the Rope [add]
06. Wound up Tight [add]
07. Boomerang [add]
08. Musta' Been Dreamin [add]
09. Skid Row [add]
10. Hush Mouth Money [add]

Live from Chicago (1988) 01. Two Headed Man [add]
02. Trading Post [add]
03. In the Dark [add]
04. Got Me by the Tail [add]
05. One More Shot [add]
06. Born With the Blues [add]
07. Eyeballin' [add]
08. Cold Lonely Nights [add]
09. Hide Away [add]
10. You Know What My Body Needs [add]

Satisfaction Guaranteed (1991) 01. Temporary Insanity [add]
02. A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do [add]
03. Feast or Famine [add]
04. It's Lying Time Again [add]
05. A Little Rock & Roll and Some Country Blues [add]
06. Wife for Tonight lyrics
07. Family Curse [add]
08. Horoscope [add]
09. Like Father, Like Son [add]
10. Holding on to the Memories [add]
11. Accident lyrics
12. If the Price Is Right [add]

Roadhouse Rules (1996) 01. Hoodoo She Do [add]
02. Backbone Man [add]
03. Too Little, Too Late [add]
04. Stranger in My House [add]
05. I Need a Friend [add]
06. Evil Twin [add]
07. Roll of the Tumbling Dice [add]
08. One Track Train [add]
09. Before You Go [add]
10. Get Through to You [add]
11. It's Your World [add]
12. Treat Me Like Your Dog [add]
13. Stake My Claim [add]
14. Rockin' Red Rooster [add]

Lone Star Shootout (1999) 01. Roll, Roll, Roll [add]
02. Boogie Rambler [add]
03. A Little More Time [add]
04. Bon Ton Roulet [add]
05. Feel Good Doin' Bad [add]
06. Alligators Around My Door [add]
07. Street Walking Woman [add]
08. This Should Go on Forever [add]
09. You're Playing Hooky [add]
10. Born in Louisiana [add]
11. Quit My Baby [add]
12. I Can't Stand It No More [add]
13. I Met the Blues in Person [add]
14. It's Mighty Crazy [add]
15. Two Trains Running [add]

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