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Johnny Maddox lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Dixieland Blues (1959) 01. Bluin' the Blues [add]
02. Strut Miss Lizzie [add]
03. Beale Street Blues [add]
04. Wolverine Blues [add]
05. Memphis Blues [add]
06. Royal Garden Blues [add]
07. St. Louis Blues [add]
08. Friday Night Blues [add]
09. Bow Wow Blues (My Mama Treats Me Like a Dog) [add]
10. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll [add]
11. Basin Street Blues [add]
12. Tishomingo Blues [add]
13. Yellow Dog Blues [add]

Back Home in Tennessee (2002) 01. Just Try and Picture Me Back Home in Tennessee [add]
02. Goofus [add]
03. Roll Along Kentucky Moon [add]
04. Are You from Dixie? (Cause I'm from Dixie Too) [add]
05. Some Sweet Day [add]
06. Honey Man My Little Lovin' Honey Man [add]
07. Let the Rest of the World Go By [add]
08. Dixie Medley [add]
09. Arkansas Blues [add]
10. Down Yonder [add]
11. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate [add]
12. Glad Rag Doll [add]
13. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee [add]
14. Broken Doll [add]
15. Corsica Rag [add]
16. Manzanillo [add]

Cowboys and Indians (2002) 01. San Antonio Rose [add]
02. Snow Deer [add]
03. When It's Springtime in the Rockies [add]
04. Ragtime Cowboy Joe [add]
05. Indianola [add]
06. Black Hawk Waltz [add]
07. Navajo Medley [add]
08. Utah Trail [add]
09. Roll Along Prarie Moon [add]
10. The Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
11. Mexicali Rose [add]
12. Sioux City Sue [add]
13. Red Wing (An Indian Intermezzo) [add]
14. Moon Winks [add]
15. Five Feet Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl) [add]
16. The Old Piano Roll Blues [add]
17. When You Hold Me in Your Arms [add]
18. Tango Fredette [add]

Where the Southern Crosses the Yellow Dog (2002) 01. The Memphis Blues [add]
02. Joe Turner Blues [add]
03. Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet on Your Floor) [add]
04. The Hesistating Blues [add]
05. Yellow Dog Rag [add]
06. St. Louis [add]
07. Aunt Hagar's Children Blues [add]
08. Loveless Love [add]
09. Beale Street Blues [add]
10. My Memphis Baby [add]
11. Beale Street Mama [add]
12. Anything Is Nice If It Comes from Dixieland [add]
13. War Bride Blues [add]
14. It Takes a Long Tall Brown Skin Gal (To Make a Preacher) [add]
15. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey [add]
16. Potomac River Blues [add]
17. What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Round? [add]
18. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
19. Muscle Shoals Blues [add]
20. That's A-Plenty [add]

Salute to the Jazz Age (2005) 01. Sugar [add]
02. Virginia Blues [add]
03. St. Louis Blues [add]
04. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans [add]
05. Crazy Blues [add]
06. When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along [add]
07. Royal Garden Blues [add]
08. Friday Night Stomp [add]
09. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
10. Wang Wang Blues [add]
11. Hot Lips [add]
12. Down and out Blues [add]
13. Just a Closer Walk with Thee [add]
14. Nobody's Sweetheart [add]

Songs That Made the Flappers Cry (2005) 01. They Needed a Songbird in Heaven (So God Took Caruso Away)/In Heaven To [add]
02. Diane (I'm in Heaven When I See You Smile)/Charmaine [add]
03. Baby Your Mother Like She Babied You/Tie Me to Your Apron Springs Again [add]
04. I've Grown So Lonesome Thinking of You/Some Sweet Day [add]
05. What Does It Matter?/Where Is the Song of Songs for Me? [add]
06. My Blue Heaven [add]
07. The Prisoner's Song/Lay My Head Beneath a Rose [add]
08. Glad Rag Doll/True Blue Lou [add]
09. Sometime/Take This Rose [add]
10. Forgive Me/Dream Kisses [add]
11. Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time/Ramona [add]
12. When Twilight Comes I'm Thinking of You/Calling Me Back to You [add]

Sunflower Slow Drag (2005) 01. Georgia Grind [add]
02. Sleepy Sidney [add]
03. Amoureuse, Valse Tres Lent [add]
04. Bluin' the Blues [add]
05. Sunflower Slow Drag [add]
06. Yellow Dog Rag [add]
07. Memphis Blues [add]
08. Red Moon [add]
09. I Get the Blues When It Rains [add]
10. Dallas Blues [add]
11. That's What Makes a Wild Cat Wild [add]
12. Meadow-Lark [add]
13. The Snaky Blues [add]
14. Puppchen [add]
15. Everybody Two-Step [add]
16. Jealous (I Wish You Were Jealous of Me) [add]
17. Long Lost Blues [add]
18. St. Louis Rag [add]
19. Those Ragtime Melodies [add]
20. Tres Moutarde [add]
21. Cecile Waltz [add]
22. Frankie and Johnny [add]
23. Hesitation Blues (Must I Hesitate?) [add]
24. King Chanticleer (The Original Texas Tommy Dance) [add]

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