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John "Juke" Logan lyrics
Genre: Blues
The Chill (1995) 01. Dig Ta' China [add]
02. She's Cool People [add]
03. We Got Ta' Rock [add]
04. Play Tha' Blues [add]
05. She Stone Me [add]
06. Rumblin' Reeds [add]
07. Fan the Flames [add]
08. Hustler [add]
09. Long Low Ride [add]
10. Bayou Diamond Ring [add]
11. Young and Wired [add]
12. If the Money's All Right [add]
13. Chill [add]
14. Soul Stroll [add]

Juke Rhythm (1999) 01. Love Me Like That [add]
02. Dancin' on the Edge of the Razorblade [add]
03. I Don't Know What I Want (But I Want It Now) [add]
04. Life on the Center Divider (Go Figure) [add]
05. Comb the Streets [add]
06. Da' Blues Hip Hop [add]
07. What's It Gonna' Be [add]
08. Juke's Twist Palace [add]
09. Lone Wolf [add]
10. Don't Let Your Mouth Write a Check (That Your Butt Can't Cash) [add]
11. Twice Pipes [add]
12. The Real Feel, Pts. 1 & 2 [JRB Theme] [add]
13. Lonely Freedom [add]
14. Love Me Like That [*] [add]

Live as It Gets (1999) 01. Doola [add]
02. Hustler [add]
03. Tight White Pants... [add]
04. Chill on Cold [add]
05. Doug's First Protest Song... [add]
06. Grease in My Gravy [add]
07. Nosy Neighbors [add]
08. High Priced Woman [add]
09. Love Engineer [add]
10. The Chill on Cold [add]
11. Cold Rain [add]
12. Hey Bartender (Don't Pour Your Booze Too Slow) [add]
13. What Is Doola [add]

The Truth Will Rock You (2005) 01. I Do All Right [add]
02. The Truth Will Rock You [add]
03. Designated Drinker [add]
04. Drive-By Love [add]
05. Rockin' Like a Wild Child [add]
06. Instant Enemies [add]
07. Up Love Creek (Without a Paddle) [add]
08. Strike While the Iron Is Hot [add]
09. Ask Any Dawg in Town [add]
10. Walkin' with Leroi [add]
11. Show Me Somethin' Sista [add]
12. Unibomber of Love [add]
13. Sound of Money Talkin' [add]
14. Miracle Worker [add]
15. I Do All Right, Pt. 2 [*] [add]

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