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Deke Dickerson lyrics
Genre: Rock
Number One Hit Record (1998) 01. Mexicali Rose [add]
02. Can't See the Forest for the Trees [add]
03. Hot Rod Queen [add]
04. Snatch It & Grab It [add]
05. Lady Killin' Papa [add]
06. Feelin' Low [add]
07. What's That Cookin' [add]
08. Jumpin' Bean [Instrumental Duet] [add]
09. The End of the Line [add]
10. Sparkin' [add]
11. Introduction [add]
12. Poontang [add]
13. Guitar in Orbit, Pt. 37 [instrumental] [add]
14. I Gotta Date to Cut a Cake [add]
15. Peroxide Blonde [add]
16. Long Time in the Ground [add]

More Million Sellers (1999) 01. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
02. The Hatchet Man [add]
03. I'm a Wreck [add]
04. Rockin' Gypsy [add]
05. Nightmare of a Woman [add]
06. Broken Down & Broken Hearted [add]
07. I Gave My Heart Before [add]
08. My Name Is Deke [add]
09. You're My Cadillac [add]
10. Mean Son of a Gun [add]
11. So Long, I'm Gone [add]
12. Tropical Island Boogie Serenade [instrumental] [add]
13. I Think You Gotta Pay for That [add]
14. Red Headed Woman [add]
15. Closing Theme from Jerry Scoggins [add]
16. Radio Spots for Disc Jockeys [add]

Rhythm, Rhyme & Truth (2000) 01. Will You Be Mine [add]
02. Beat Out My Love [add]
03. Have Blues Will Travel [add]
04. Hot Rodder's Lament [add]
05. Heartbreaker of the Town [add]
06. (If I Go to Heaven) Give Me a Brunette [add]
07. Hello Blues [add]
08. Where to Aim [add]
09. C-A Boogie [add]
10. Don't Push Me Too Far [add]
11. Wang Dang Dula [add]
12. I'm Lonesome [add]
13. Headin' on Down the Road [add]
14. Speedin' on Keystone [instrumental] [add]
15. Where Am I Goin? [add]

In 3-Dimensions! (2003) 01. I Might Not Come Home at All [add]
02. Top of the Line [add]
03. Ain't Got a Reason [add]
04. I Get So Lonely [add]
05. Sittin' and Thinkin' [add]
06. Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes [add]
07. Take the Long Way Home [add]
08. It Would Be a Doggone Lie [add]
09. Let's Go Wild Tonight [add]
10. Bitter Tears [add]
11. You've Been Honky Tonkin' [add]
12. Too Hot to Handle [add]
13. Knoxville Boogie [add]
14. Gambler's Guitar [add]
15. Pinball Boogie [add]
16. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [add]
17. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die [add]

Mister Entertainment (2003) 01. Burbank Hillbilles Theme [add]
02. World's Greatest Sinner [#] [add]
03. Ain't Got a Pot [#] [add]
04. Your Love's Like a Faucet [add]
05. Sparkin' [Original Version] [add]
06. Double Zombie [add]
07. Run Boy Run [add]
08. Wishing Star [#] [add]
09. Mean Little Mama [#] [add]
10. Bottoms Up [add]
11. If Teardrops Were Pennies [#] [add]
12. Switchblade Stomp [add]
13. I Love Rock & Bowl [add]
14. Trick Fueler [add]
15. Foolish Thoughts [#] [add]
16. Find My Baby for Me [#] [add]
17. One Way Ticket [#] [add]
18. El Cumbanchero [#] [add]
19. In the Ghetto (In Tacoma) [#] [add]
20. Blistered [#] [add]
21. All Dressed Up [#] [add]
22. Wiggle Wobble [#] [add]
23. She's So Fine [#] [add]
24. Muleskinner Blues [#] [add]

The Melody (2005) 01. Heart Broken [add]
02. Good Time Gal [add]
03. Right or Wrong [add]
04. Looks Like I'm in Trouble Again [add]
05. As Long as I Live [add]
06. Safely in Love [add]
07. Love Is Like a Song [add]
08. Someone Used to Love Me [add]
09. Mister Cheater [add]
10. Waitin' on My Baby [add]
11. Give Me All Your Love [add]
12. Tell Me How [add]
13. Double Naught Spy [add]
14. Lookin' for Money [add]
15. I Never Cared for You [add]

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