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John Mizzoni lyrics
Genre: Folk
Originations II (2002) 01. Beauty Abounds [add]
02. Cocktail Rooster [add]
03. Feelings in My Mind [add]
04. Got to Go [add]
05. I Think It's Called Love [add]
06. Jimmy and Joan [add]
07. Know the People [add]
08. Lately in the Night [add]
09. Lookin' for Me [add]
10. The Meaning [add]
11. The Meter [add]
12. Yesteryear [add]

Smatterings of Imperfection (2005) 01. Take Me [add]
02. Our Time [add]
03. Rhythm of Her Heart [add]
04. Clifton Falls [add]
05. A.I.L.U. [add]
06. Baby Cademo [add]
07. Uncle Willy Nation [add]
08. It's in the Tree [add]
09. You Don't Know (Reprise) [add]

Originations I (2005) 01. 'Cause I'm Alone [add]
02. Find a Safe Direction [add]
03. I Want to Go Fishing [add]
04. It's a Mystery [add]
05. Keys [add]
06. Martinis for Two [add]
07. Milleseconds [add]
08. Misty Morning [add]
09. Need Someone [add]
10. Negatives/Positives [add]
11. Oh Yes! [add]
12. On and On [add]
13. One by One [add]
14. One Thing [add]
15. Reason in My Life [add]
16. There's a Reason ... It's You [add]
17. Too Much for Me [add]
18. Try Not to Fight (Recognize Yourself) [add]
19. Writings [add]

Songs for the Human Listener (2005) 01. The Anti-Song [add]
02. Don't Do That [add]
03. Do a Lot of People Do That? [add]
04. E-A-B Instrumental [add]
05. Erock [add]
06. Fandango Mantra [add]
07. Good Friend [add]
08. Harmonica in D [add]
09. He Was a Crazy Kinda Guy [add]
10. Hey Kids, What Did You Do? [add]

Listening Years and Broken Cups (2005) 01. Affected [add]
02. Armchair Theorizing [add]
03. Distinctions [add]
04. Down Deep [add]
05. Everything I Want to Be [add]
06. How Do You Enjoy Life? [add]
07. I Want You to Know [add]
08. Internal Cues [add]
09. Just a Driver [add]
10. Keep on Workin' [add]
11. Many Directions [add]
12. My Music [add]
13. No Problems [add]
14. Remember? [add]
15. You Don't Know (So Let Me Be) [add]
16. Track 16 [add]

Songs from the 3rd Floor (2007) 01. I See Me in Your Eyes [add]
02. Instrumental in G [add]
03. Keyboard C Strings Instrumental [add]
04. Minor Explorations [add]
05. Philosophy [add]
06. Rondo a La Mizzoni [add]
07. Something Something Blues [add]
08. Somewhere in Between [add]
09. Starry Skies Above, Moral Law Within [add]
10. Strings, Dreams, And Genes [add]
11. Them or Me? [add]
12. Theme and Variation in D [add]
13. We Don't Need Cash [add]
14. You and Me [add]
15. You Give Love [add]

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