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Jimmy Johnson lyrics
Genre: Blues
Tobacco Road [live] (1978) 01. 'Long About Midnight [add]
02. Strange Things Happening [add]
03. Look over Yonders Wall [add]
04. I'm Crazy About My Baby [add]
05. Tobacco Road [add]
06. Breaking up Somebody's Home [add]
07. Sweet Little Angel [add]
08. Three Times Chicago [add]
09. Boe Ties Riff [#] [add]
10. Engine Number 9 [#] [add]
11. Midnight Hour [#] [add]
12. Take Five [#] [add]

Johnson's Whacks (1979) 01. The Twelve Bars Blues [add]
02. Ashes in My Ashtray [add]
03. I Stand Alone [add]
04. Slamming Doors [add]
05. Take Five [add]
06. Strange How I Miss You (When I Haven't Even Lost You Yet) [add]
07. Poor Boy's Dream [add]
08. I Need Some Easy Money [add]
09. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin [add]
10. Jockey Sports [add]

North/South (1982) 01. Country Preacher [add]
02. Can't Go No Further [add]
03. Track to Run [add]
04. Walking on Thin Ice [add]
05. Talking 'Bout Chicago [add]
06. A Woman Ain't Supposed to Be Hard [add]
07. I Can't Survive [add]
08. Sang a Song in Heaven [add]
09. Dead or Alive [add]

Bar Room Preacher (1983) 01. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
02. Little by Little [add]
03. When My First Wife Quit Me [add]
04. Chicken Heads [add]
05. I Have the Same Old Blues [add]
06. Cold, Cold Feeling [add]
07. Happy Home [add]
08. Heap See [add]
09. Missing Link [add]

I'm a Jockey (1995) 01. That Will Never Do [add]
02. Jockey [add]
03. Engine Number 9 [add]
04. My Ring [add]
05. Highway 13 [add]
06. As the Years Go Passing By [add]
07. Black and White Wall [add]
08. The Highway Is Like a Woman [add]
09. In the Midnight Hour [add]
10. End of a Rainbow [add]
11. Look Over Yonder's Wall [add]

Every Road Ends Somewhere (1999) 01. Roots of All Evil [add]
02. My Baby by My Side [add]
03. Blue Monday [add]
04. Rock and a Hard Place [add]
05. The Street You Live On [add]
06. Ain't No Way [add]
07. Black Night [add]
08. Cut You Loose [add]
09. End of the Road [add]
10. Every Day of Your Life [add]

Pepper's Hangout (2000) 01. Same Old Blues [add]
02. Married Woman Blues [add]
03. High Heel Sneakers [add]
04. The Things That I Used to Go [add]
05. Pepper's Hangout [add]
06. Looking for My Baby [add]
07. Riding in the Moonlight [add]

Ma Bea's Rock (2001) 01. So Many Roads [add]
02. Crosscut Saw [add]
03. Ma Bea's Rock [add]
04. Feel So Bad [add]
05. I Believe My Time Ain't Long [add]
06. All Your Love [add]
07. You Gotta Have Soul [add]
08. My Own Fault [add]
09. Get Ready Here I Come [#] [add]
10. Same Old Blues [#] [add]
11. Got a Mind to Travel [#] [add]
12. Can You Use a Man Like Me [#] [add]
13. I Got to Be Crazy [#] [add]
14. Got Papers on You Baby [#] [add]

Heap See (2002) 01. Chicken Heads [add]
02. Cold Cold Feeling [add]
03. Heap See [add]
04. I've the Same Old Blues [add]
05. Little by Little [add]
06. When My First Wife Quit Me [add]
07. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
08. Happy Home [add]
09. Tobacco Road* [add]
10. Missing Link [add]
11. I Don't Want No Woman* [add]

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