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Genre: Rock
Schizophonia (1977) 01. The Ride to Agadir [add]
02. Berber's Prayer [add]
03. The Walls of the World [add]
04. Insh'allah [add]
05. The Fires of Rabat [add]
06. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time [add]
07. Bour?e [add]
08. Railway Hotel [add]
09. Voices in the Dark [add]
10. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [add]

Caravans (1979) 01. Caravans on the Move [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Russian Dance [add]
04. Insider Sardar Khan's Palace [add]
05. Journey to Badek [add]
06. Camp at Qualir [add]
07. Desolate Valley [add]
08. Caravan Song [add]
09. Qualir at Night [add]
10. Storm in the Desert [add]
11. Becky's Waltz [add]
12. Kochi Dancer [add]
13. The Aftermath [add]
14. Caravans Theme [add]

Tarot Suite (1979) 01. Introduction -- The Journey of a Fool [add]
02. Imbecile lyrics
03. Plainsong [add]
04. Lady of the Dawn [add]
05. The Valley of Swords [add]
06. Losing Your Way in the Rain [add]
07. Tarota [add]
08. The Night of the Dead [add]
09. The Dead of the Night [add]
10. Run Like the Wind [add]

Waves (1980) 01. Winds of Change [add]
02. Waves [add]
03. Portishead Radio [add]
04. Mona [add]
05. Conga Reel [add]
06. Buenos Dias [add]
07. Captain [add]
08. Lobsterissimus Bumbicissimus [add]
09. Fishing for the Moon [add]
10. Echo Foxtrot [add]
11. Sierra Tango [add]
12. Waiting for a Wave [add]

Zero Zero (1983) 01. Introduction [add]
02. System 605 [add]
03. Love Makes You Crazy [add]
04. Delirium [add]
05. Whispering Fools [add]
06. Zero Zero [add]
07. Dance of the Neurosurgeons [add]
08. No Lights in My Eyes [add]

Songs of Love and War (1988) 01. Warsaw [add]
02. Railway Hotel [add]
03. Sailing Ships from Heaven [add]
04. Scorpio Prelude [add]
05. Ring of Scorpio [add]
06. Can't Lie No More [add]
07. Soldier's Song [add]
08. Caravan Song [add]
09. Lion of Kandahar [add]

Winds of Change (1995) 01. Railway Hotel [add]
02. Imbecile lyrics
03. The Ride to Agadir [add]
04. Mona [add]
05. Lady of the Dawn [add]
06. Run Like the Wind [add]
07. Better Than a Dream [add]
08. Love Makes You Crazy [add]
09. The Walls of the World [add]
10. Introduction [add]
11. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time [add]
12. Plainsong [add]
13. The Winds of Change [add]
14. Theme from Caravan [add]
15. The Valley of Swords [add]
16. Into the Sunset [add]
17. Children of the Sky [add]

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