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Genre: Folk
Whose World Is This (2000) 01. Whose Worl Is This [add]
02. Take Our Culture Back [add]
03. Rightous [add]
04. Stranger in Me [add]
05. Shiny Bright Silver Dollar [add]
06. Down to Eugene [add]
07. Sound of a Guitar [add]
08. Ice Skating on the Fremont Bridge [add]
09. Right to Be Wrong [add]
10. Only Talkin' on the Radio [add]
11. Puritan Seeds [add]
12. Tina [add]
13. Now That I'm Missing You More [add]
14. Beatiful Tear [add]

Music from Big Red (2001) 01. Everything Is Round [add]
02. Bound for Outta Town [add]
03. Shadow on My Shoulder [add]
04. Mister Ondo [add]
05. Quiet Desperation [add]
06. Pig Alley [add]
07. Stranger in Me [add]
08. River of Rage [add]
09. Didn't We [add]
10. Clear Blue Sky [add]
11. If You Love the Water [add]
12. Corner of His Eye [add]

Collateral Damage (2002) 01. Who Are They and Why Do They Hate Us? [add]
02. When Johnny Comes Marching Home [add]
03. Long Corner Turning [add]
04. There Has to Be a Reason [add]
05. Palestine [add]
06. Her Eyes [add]
07. My American Name [add]
08. Collateral Damage [add]
09. Over My Dead Body [add]
10. The Great Stone Wall [add]

Human Interesting (2002) 01. Fundamental Frenzy [add]
02. On the Street Again [add]
03. An Old Pair of Shoes [add]
04. A Long Way Home [add]
05. The Ivory Salamander [add]
06. Anna Mae [add]
07. Hiroshima-Nagasaki Russian Roulette [add]
08. Moron [add]
09. The Medicine Show [add]
10. When the Russian Came to Town [add]
11. I Wonder If I'm Loving You Right [add]
12. Mister Grouter [add]
13. Valdez [add]
14. Mister Ondo [add]
15. Didn't We [add]
16. Whose World Is This [add]
17. The Great Stone Wall [add]

Gettin Squeezed (2003) 01. Gettin Squeezed [add]
02. Mr. Ondo [add]
03. Gypsy [add]
04. Old Habits [add]
05. Butterfly Wings [add]
06. Big Bill and Little Wiillie [add]
07. Fireside [add]
08. It's Not Supposed to Happen But It Did [add]
09. This Land [add]

Seattle Songs (2004) 01. The Whidbey Island Overwater Transfer Ferry Line [add]
02. Gasworks Park [add]
03. The Singer and the Awol Kid [add]
04. First Avenue [add]
05. Walter Tortoise [add]
06. Paul Allentown [add]
07. All They Want to Talk About [add]
08. Ice Skating on the Fremont Bridge [add]
09. The Wrecking Ball Blues [add]
10. Guitar Thing [add]
11. I Keep Comin' Back [add]

Head Full of Pictures (2006) 01. Petroleum Bonaparte [add]
02. Head Full of Pictures [add]
03. Andres Raya [add]
04. You're Naked Underneath Your Clothes [add]
05. The Clone Song [add]
06. I'd Rather Be Dancing [add]
07. Fire in the Forest [add]
08. Program [add]
09. If I Fall in Love Again with You [add]
10. Something About Us [add]
11. Jesus and the Laughing Deity [add]
12. More Than Anything Else in the World [add]

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