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The Master Musicians of Joujouka lyrics
Genre: World
Joujouka Black Eyes [live] (1995) 01. My Brother and My Love [add]
02. Joujouka Black Eyes [add]
03. Pull up Your Belt and Dance [add]
04. The Clapping [add]
05. Brahim Jones Joujouka Very Stoned [add]
06. Mohamed My Prophet [add]
07. Make Me Happy, My Love [add]
08. The Clapping/God Is High/God My Mother [add]
09. Saudia, Girl of the Mountain [add]
10. Go, God Must Bless You [add]
11. A Wedding in Joujouka, October 1994 [add]
12. It's Hard to Leave Someone [add]
13. Leaving Makes You Sad/Your Eyes Make Me Want to Drink Tea [add]
14. Come Back Home My Darling [add]
15. Joujouka (Ice) Between the Mountains [add]
16. My Country Abin Hassan [add]

Moroccan Trance Music, Vol. 2: Sufi (1996) 01. Sidi Musakar [add]
02. Jilalay/Moulay Abdulah/Moulay Braihim [add]
03. Hamasha Hamdushi [add]
04. Seet Yumala Youmalay [add]
05. Djemma el Fna, Marrakesh, November 8th 1994 [add]
06. Moulay Abdeslam [add]
07. L' Hedera (The Music of Sidi Ahmed Sheich) [add]
08. L' 'Hedera [add]

Boujeloud (2006) 01. Boujeloud al Boudadi [add]
02. Boujeloud [add]
03. Boujeloudia/Joujouka Ei Calihoun (Boujeloud/Joujouka Black Eyes) [add]
04. Mali Mal Hal M'Halmaz (Everyone Is Together) [add]
05. Moujeloud Solo Drums [add]
06. Boujeloud [add]
07. Allah a Mohamed el Hub Tenani (Allah and Mohamed Kiss My Heart) [add]
08. Boujeloud [add]
09. Joujouka Ei Calihoun/T'Werkia d'Boujeloudia: Aishi H'liba Bab Dar ... [add]
10. Jewash Halal/Tweka Miserisa [add]

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