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Walkin' Jim Stoltz lyrics
Genre: Children's
A Kid for the Wild (2003) 01. Manfred the Mopey Moose [add]
02. Slugs & Bugs [add]
03. River, River, River Run [add]
04. It Ain't Easy Being an Ol' Grizzly Bear [add]
05. If I Were a Tree [add]
06. Come Walk with Me [add]
07. A Kid for the Wild [add]
08. You Don't Need Ears to Listen [add]
09. Wild Things Need Wild Places [add]
10. Pika, Pika [add]
11. Whole Earth Harmony [add]

The Long Trails (2003) 01. Nevada Walking Song [add]
02. The Appalachian Trail [add]
03. Back on the Trail Again [add]
04. Forever Wild/Roses of Prince Charlie [add]
05. Wilderness Walks Within [add]
06. The Long Trails [add]
07. All Along the Great Divide [add]
08. Out on the Crest Trail [add]
09. Distant Far Horizon [add]
10. Range of Light [add]
11. Friends Along the Way [add]

The Vision (2003) 01. Thinkin' Like a Mountain [add]
02. Wild Rockies Home [add]
03. Old Man from the Mountains [add]
04. Old Crystal Bell [add]
05. Windsinger [add]
06. Morning in the Mountains [add]
07. The Food Chain Song [add]
08. Searching for the Road Not Taken [add]
09. Wild Wind [add]
10. Way out West [add]
11. These Are the Ancient Forests [add]
12. Power in the Earth [add]
13. The Vision [add]

The Web of Life (2003) 01. Climb a Mountain [add]
02. Big Fat Fish [add]
03. Fly by the Light of the Moon [add]
04. Buffalo Love [add]
05. Habitat [add]
06. How an Owl Says Howdidoo [add]
07. Mountain Goat Promenade [add]
08. Prairie Dog [add]
09. Howl for the Wolf [add]
10. The Web of Life [add]

Little Piece of Time (2005) 01. Heart of This Wild Land [add]
02. Circle of Life [add]
03. Turn Around [add]
04. Eye of the Hunter [add]
05. Yellowstone to Yukon [add]
06. Little Piece of Time [add]
07. Canyon Country [add]
08. The River Calls [add]
09. The Wild Escalante (Ballad of Everett Ruess) [add]
10. Cellular Phone [add]
11. Down in the Blue [add]
12. Song for Rachel [add]
13. Make a Difference [add]
14. One Land, One Heart [add]

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