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Jim Hunter [Guitar] lyrics
Genre: Blues
Uphill Slide (1991) 01. Way of the White Cloud [add]
02. When You Leave [add]
03. Don't Want You to See Me This Way [add]
04. A Good Bad Woman [add]
05. Burnt Out in the Snow [add]
06. Waste the Paint [add]
07. Unfinished Business [add]
08. Love on the Line [add]
09. Strength to Carry On [add]
10. Sleep Dearie Sleep/Raeberry Street [add]

Fingernail Moon (1992) 01. When the Geese Fly Over [add]
02. Irish Girl/Hunter's Jig [add]
03. Man in a Crisis [add]
04. Joanna [add]
05. Cold Winter's Night [add]
06. Long Walk in the Rain [add]
07. The Hungry I [add]
08. Words I Might Have Said [add]
09. Midnight Train [add]
10. Limbo Ships [add]
11. Angels [add]

Turning the Tide (2001) 01. Hold On [add]
02. Man Overboard [add]
03. The Sea Is My Mistress [add]
04. Swallows Wing [add]
05. Ever the Angel [add]
06. Heartbreak Train [add]
07. Picture Postcard [add]
08. The Rope Is on the Willow [add]
09. The Sleep of the Just [add]
10. Sanctuary [add]

Crack O' Noon Club (2003) 01. Big Man With the Beard [add]
02. Howling at the Moon [add]
03. Walking All Over [add]
04. I Will Take You Home [add]
05. Crazy Days [add]
06. Thirty Four Miles [add]
07. Waterfall [add]
08. Miss Fiona MacLeod [add]
09. Closer to the Truth [add]
10. Little Martha [add]
11. Big Old Diesel Motor [add]
12. Bitter Sweet [add]
13. I Will Take You Home (Reprise) [add]

Old Dogs for the Hard Road (2003) 01. Old Dogs for the Hard Road [add]
02. Old Songs [add]
03. Slow Burning Flame [add]
04. What Went Missing This Morning [add]
05. Love You Through and Through [add]
06. Fool of the Town [add]
07. Beaver Fever [add]
08. You Could Break My Heart [add]
09. As Good as It Gets [add]
10. From Stanton Station [add]
11. Watercolour [add]

Sparks in Flight [live] (2003) 01. When the Geese Fly Over [add]
02. Crazy Days [add]
03. Waste the Paint [add]
04. Joanna [add]
05. Bitter Sweet [add]
06. Raeberry Street [add]
07. When You Leave [add]
08. Good Bad Woman (and Thunderbird Wine) [add]
09. Don't Want You to See Me This Way [add]
10. Big Man With the Beard [add]
11. Love on the Line [add]
12. Irish Girl/Kazakhstan [add]
13. Midnight Train [add]
14. Cold Winters Night [add]

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