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Niall James Holohan lyrics
Genre: Rock
Porkupada (0000) 01. Hello Baby [add]
02. O Fortuna [add]
03. Walking the Cow [add]
04. Slut [add]
05. As a Child, Mesmerised by the Spirit Level the Builders Left ... [add]
06. Working on a Girlfriend [add]
07. I Love You [add]
08. O, Carol [add]
09. Foolish Report [add]
10. I've Been the Pathetic Son [add]
11. Madrid City Mona Lisa [add]
12. I Can't Leave You Behind [add]
13. Riga City Mona Lisa [add]
14. Two Minute Sketch in a Keeping [add]
15. If I Had My Way with You [add]
16. Bagatelle [add]
17. King Street Girl [add]
18. Dewberry Rock/Rawplug Rock [add]
19. Welcome to the Night Train [add]
20. Last Train into the Hollow Earth [add]
21. Nothing But Deirds [add]
22. Time Waits for No Man or Mother [add]
23. Sorrow in Your Sleep [add]
24. Repunzel's Shoes - For Gloria [add]
25. From a Buick 6 [add]
26. Solace with Friends [add]
27. Bring Back Pigeon Street - For Jinx and Paula [add]
28. Troubadour [add]
29. I'll Be Around [add]
30. Her Pet Budgerigar [add]
31. I Used to Be Famous [add]
32. 21 Kisses [add]
33. Cadiz Porch Song [add]
34. Don't Let Me Down Too Hard [add]
35. Skinning Up in Rocio's House/Could You Be Love? [*] [add]
36. Some People Call It a Drug [*] [add]

A Beautiful Corpse (2004) 01. I'm Up for Chucking Parties (When I'm Not Around You) [add]
02. No Instant Gratification for You (I'm Up There with the Best of Them) [add]
03. Owed to My Own True Love [add]
04. No Serial Monogamist, Me [add]
05. Eleanor [add]
06. Yes, Yes, Yes ..We're Doomed ..And? [add]
07. I Dance Alone [add]
08. Give Me Graffiti, Baby [add]
09. Victor's Mother Juliet [add]
10. Who You Gonna Follow [add]
11. You'll Always Need a Friend [add]
12. Whistle Down the Wind in Cuzco with Some Rich Thick Faux Inca Goddess [add]
13. Keep on People (A Better Day Is Bound to Come) [add]
14. I Must Be a Fool to Still Be Surprised That I'm Alone [add]
15. Tokyo City Mona Lisa (Kaolin Porpoise) [add]
16. Halmstad [add]
17. I Wanna Be Your Gun [add]

All to the Strains Of (2004) 01. The Crossroads [add]
02. Who's Blues [add]
03. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievance (Daniel Dale Johnson) [add]
04. Dorothy [add]
05. With the Grace of God [add]
06. Low on Drogue Niall-Ist (Inter Delusion) [add]
07. Jezebel [add]
08. Julienne [add]
09. Dab Chick Dabble [add]
10. Bad Blood [add]
11. The Samaritan [add]
12. Be Careful Where You Sleep [add]

Driving Barefoot (2004) 01. Waiting on a Beautiful Stranger [add]
02. Balladov/Stranger [add]
03. Like a Child Again/Something About Your Face [add]
04. Step Out of the Rain [add]
05. The Itch Song (Greystones) [add]
06. Bruxelles [add]
07. I Think Only of Her (Munich) [add]
08. January in June [add]
09. Lest We Forget Your Dieing Uncle [add]
10. Wall Ball Is Names and They're Both the Same [add]
11. Whale of the Ocean [add]
12. Tiny Toes [add]
13. Hooray for Decay [demo version] [add]
14. Ronan's Cowboy [add]
15. Sacred Fire [add]
16. Shark Infested Head [add]
17. Stealing Tings for Your Heart [add]
18. Let's Hear It for the Fucking Eedits [add]
19. Here Comes Hefty [add]
20. Even If It Be Ten Thousand Miles [add]
21. When She Saw She Had a Lover in the A.M. [add]
22. Take the Money and Run [add]
23. Reassurace [add]
24. Hooray for Decay (On the 103) [add]
25. It's a Whole New World, Mary [add]
26. Glad to Hear You Bit the Bullet [add]
27. Suicide Girls [add]
28. Across the Night Devide [add]
29. I'm Saying Goodbye Rosaleen [add]
30. Jimmy Bernard's Last Poet [add]
31. It's Going to Have to Do [add]
32. Why I Love You [add]

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