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John Otway lyrics
Genre: Rock
John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett (1976) 01. Misty Mountain [add]
02. Murder Man [add]
03. If I Did [add]
04. Racing Cars (Jet Spotter of the Track) [add]
05. Louisa on a Horse [add]
06. Gypsy [add]
07. Really Free [Original Version] [add]
08. Bluey Green [add]
09. Cheryl's Going Home [add]
10. Trying Times [add]
11. Geneve [Original Version] [add]

Deep Thought (1980) 01. (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance [add]
02. Body Talk [add]
03. DK 50/80 lyrics
04. Cry Cry [add]
05. Day After Day [add]
06. Beware of the Flowers [add]
07. Murder Man [add]
08. Really Free [add]
09. Gen?ve [add]
10. Louisa on a Horse [add]
11. Can't Complain [add]
12. Cheryl's Goin' Home [add]

Premature Adulation (1995) 01. Judgement Day [add]
02. Poetry & Jazz [add]
03. Duet [add]
04. We Know What She's Doing (She's in Love) [add]
05. The Saddest Sound Since the Blues [add]
06. Entertainment (Not) [add]
07. Photograph [add]
08. Please Don't Read My Poetry [add]
09. Nothing at All [add]
10. God's Camera [add]
11. Willy (In the Air) [add]
12. Typewriter [add]

All Balls & No Willy (1996) 01. In Dreams [add]
02. Too Much Air Not Enough Oxygen [add]
03. Telex [add]
04. Montreal [add]
05. Baby, It's the Real Thing [add]
06. Turn off Your Dream (Don't Watch the Nightmare) [add]
07. Mass Communication [add]
08. House Is Burning [add]
09. Halloween [add]
10. Nothing's Gone (Except No. 1) [add]
11. Middle of Winter [Original Version] [add]
12. Makes Good Music [*] [add]
13. It's a Pain [*] [add]
14. Blue Eyes of the Belle [add]
15. Best Dream [add]
16. What a Woman! [add]
17. Frightened and Scared [add]
18. Waiting (Waiting for You) [add]
19. Hurting Her More [add]
20. The Highwayman [add]

Ot-Air (2005) 01. Ot-Air [add]
02. Lasers of Love [add]
03. Only You Can Do That [add]
04. We Rock [add]
05. Enjoy (It Just Won't Last) [add]
06. International Dateline [add]
07. The Dream Makers [add]
08. Slack Jack [add]
09. Three Kinds of Magic [add]
10. Rumplestiltskin (Revisited) [add]
11. The Old Fiddler (Benny Hill Tribute) [add]
12. Airport [add]

Bunsen Burner: The Album (2007) 01. I'm Cured (And I Can't Catch Love) [add]
02. Rumpelstiltskin [add]
03. Pauline [add]
04. We Know What She's Doing (She's in Love) [add]
05. My American Friend [add]
06. Crazy Horses [add]
07. Bunsen Burner [The Hit Mix] [add]
08. A413 Revisited [add]
09. Attractive to You [add]
10. U R Breaking Up [add]
11. Deep Blue Water [add]
12. Bunsen Burner vs Burning Love [add]
13. House of the Rising Sun [add]

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