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Jennifer Small [Piano] lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Relevant Paths (2000) 01. Opening Lines [add]
02. Relevant Paths [add]
03. There's a Reason [add]
04. Enchantment of the Moon [add]
05. In Terms of Youth [add]
06. Peaceful Resolutions [add]
07. Quakening, Then Rebuilding [add]
08. Farewell, But Never Goodbye [add]
09. Impressions [add]
10. The Beauty Within [add]
11. Cancion Por Martha [add]
12. May It Last [add]

Traffic in Paradise (2000) 01. Dynamic Passions [add]
02. Centuries Ago [add]
03. Born as They Are [add]
04. Traffic in Paradise [add]
05. Next to Your Heart [add]
06. Finally Found That River [add]
07. Simplify [add]
08. A Child No More [add]
09. Congregations [add]
10. Day Is Done [add]
11. I Feel for You [add]
12. At Peace [add]

Christmas Concertos (2001) 01. Home for the Holidays [add]
02. Let It Snow [add]
03. Winter Wonderland [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. Sleigh Ride [add]
06. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]
07. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]
08. Jingle Bells [add]
09. White Christmas [add]
10. Joy to the World [add]
11. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
12. Drummer Boy [add]
13. Frosty the Snowman [add]
14. Silver Bells [add]
15. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]

Well Lit Passage (2001) 01. Sunrise [add]
02. All Alone [add]
03. Well Lit Passage [add]
04. Cool Wind [add]
05. Arden [add]
06. Children Care [add]
07. A Season to Remember [add]
08. Only You [add]
09. Recognize Faith [add]
10. Cote Rue [add]
11. What Must Follow [add]

Positive Persistence (2002) 01. Tidal Waves [add]
02. Dos Mil [add]
03. Time Is Now [add]
04. Quintesscence [add]
05. A Perfect Moment [add]
06. Freedom [add]
07. New Directions [add]
08. March of Reflections [add]
09. Incentives [add]
10. Positive Persistence [add]
11. An Eye of Passion [add]

Content Destinations (2002) 01. Untold Memories [add]
02. Time Will Tell [add]
03. Foresight of a Dream [add]
04. Content Destinations [add]
05. Used, Forgotten, Then Erased [add]
06. Embarkment of Day [add]
07. Carry on, Gwen [add]
08. Wandering Solitude [add]
09. Possible Forgiveness [add]
10. Horizons [add]

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