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Jeremy Morris lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Faithful And True (0000) 01. We Open Our Hearts [add]
02. Praise You Lord This Day [add]
03. Search My Heart [add]
04. Lord of All [add]
05. Exalt His Name [add]
06. How I Love You Lord [add]
07. I Command My Soul [add]
08. Praise Be to the Lord [add]
09. My Best Friend [add]
10. May the Lord Comfort You [add]
11. Done in the Son [add]
12. May the Lost Be Saved [add]
13. You Are the Potter [add]
14. Faithful and True [add]
15. We Are Free [add]
16. No Fear in Perfect Love [add]
17. Give You Heart to the Lord [add]
18. Glorify His Name [add]
19. May the Lord Keep You [add]
20. Night and Day [add]

Lord Of Lords (0000) 01. Lord of Lords [add]
02. Fruit of the Spirit [add]
03. Born to Live for You [add]
04. Perfect Peace [add]
05. All My Heart [add]
06. Sacrifice of Praise [add]
07. Praise Him [add]
08. Sing a New Song [add]
09. You Are to Me [add]
10. Singing Praises to His Name [add]
11. Your Will Be Done [add]
12. Forever You Are the Same [add]
13. Only Love Remains [add]
14. You Are the One [add]
15. Cleanse Me Lord [add]
16. My Lord and My Saviour [add]
17. Heavenly Home [add]
18. Bless the Lord [add]
19. Most Righteous of All [add]
20. The Lord Is Good [add]
21. Doer of Your Word [add]
22. Fight the Good Fight [add]
23. He Lives! [add]
24. Song for Hymn [add]
25. Depending on You [add]

Seven (1992) 01. Invisible War [add]
02. Seven [add]
03. You Must Forgive [add]
04. Will You Turn Me Away [add]
05. Set the Captives Free [add]
06. Where Are We Going [add]
07. Be Careful [add]
08. Broke My Heart in Two [add]
09. Don't Break My Heart [add]
10. Darkest Hour [add]
11. Lazor Love [add]
12. Forever Together [add]
13. You Need Love [add]
14. For All We Must Leave Here [add]
15. Whiter Than Snow [add]
16. I'll Always Love You [add]
17. Lost in Your Little World [add]
18. Stay With Me [add]
19. Love or Hate [add]
20. Flight [add]
21. Best That I Can [add]
22. Love Me Like You [add]
23. Temporary [add]
24. Only With You [add]
25. Celestial City [add]

King of Kings (2004) 01. Singing Praises [add]
02. Delight Yourself in Him [add]
03. The Truth, The Way, The Life [add]
04. I'm a Winner [add]
05. The Mind of Christ [add]
06. So Good to Me [add]
07. I Can Do All Things Through Christ [add]
08. Let the Power Fall [add]
09. Let It Be Known [add]
10. Lord I Draw Near You [add]
11. Praise God Always [add]
12. Glory to God [add]
13. Worship the Lord [add]
14. Lord I Forgive [add]
15. You Are Everything [add]
16. Jesus I Love You [add]
17. From Your Heart [add]
18. Give the Glory [add]
19. Harden Not Your Heart [add]
20. Blessed Be God [add]
21. Hands Held to the Sky [add]
22. Forever [add]
23. You Are the Song [add]
24. King of Kings [add]
25. Stand Up [add]
26. I Love You [add]
27. I Come Before You [add]
28. Our Father Will Provide [add]
29. Give It All [add]
30. You Are Lord [add]
31. You Alone Are God [add]
32. Free [add]

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