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Jennifer Armstrong lyrics
Genre: Folk
I Can Be Me (2001) 01. Hello [add]
02. I Can Be Me [add]
03. Cornish Floral Dance [add]
04. Baby 1, 2, 3 [add]
05. When Cows Get Up [add]
06. My Aunt Jen [add]
07. Maori Stick Game [add]
08. Pop Goes the Weasel/Sit Down Dance [add]
09. Finger in Teh Air/One Day One Foot [add]
10. Come Along [add]
11. Don't Bother Me [add]
12. Twinkling ABC's [add]
13. Reprise/Highland Cradle Song [add]
14. Sobonanakusasa [add]
15. Kitty Alone [add]
16. La Ro Ro Nić±O [add]
17. May There Always Be Sunshine [add]

Open the Door (2001) 01. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
02. Brigid O'Malley [add]
03. The Marriage Basket [add]
04. Open the Door [add]
05. The Piper of Keil [add]
06. The Fishwife and the Changeling [add]
07. The Lake Isle of Innisfree [add]

Dancing in the Circle (2001) 01. Carry the Song [add]
02. Dancing in the Circle [add]
03. Holding Gladness [add]
04. I'll Fly Away [add]
05. Goodbye to the Roses [add]
06. Eaglets/Waging Peace [add]
07. Rocky Road [add]
08. Mad Tom of Bedlam [add]
09. Nobody Knows [add]
10. MacPherson's Rant/Pinch of Snuff [add]
11. Cerridwen's Questions [add]
12. Meeting Is Over [add]

At the Table (2003) 01. Simple Gifts [add]
02. At the Table [add]
03. Friendship [add]
04. Song for Meg [add]
05. I Know the Truth [add]
06. Day for Peace [add]
07. Ain't You Got a Right [add]
08. Simple Song/Nelsons Victory/Pigs in Mud [add]
09. Greatest Pleasure [add]
10. Break Em on Down [add]
11. Scrabble [add]
12. Rising Sun in Glory [add]
13. Power of Love [add]
14. I Saw Her As [add]
15. As Kingfishers Catch Fire [add]
16. How Could Anyone [add]
17. My Son [add]
18. Lament for the Children [add]
19. This Old World [add]
20. Table of Grief [add]
21. Cool of the Day [add]
22. Simple Gifts (Harp) [add]

From Away (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. From Away [add]
03. Wabanaki Creation Story [add]
04. Dunane [add]
05. Muffins [add]
06. Course There's Moose [add]
07. Scotland the Brave Medley [add]
08. Virgie and the Mermaid Story [add]
09. Good Fish Chowder [add]
10. New York Tourist [add]
11. Stephen Stalla Drang [add]
12. Emma (Finnish Tune) [add]
13. Why Bear Has a Stumpy Tail Story [add]
14. Brahm's Lullaby Medley [add]
15. The Lion's Whisker Story [add]
16. Finest Town [add]
17. Last Word [add]

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