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Something Happens lyrics
Genre: Rock
Been There, Seen That, Done That (1988) 01. Beach [add]
02. Incoming [add]
03. Take This with You [add]
04. Forget Georgia [add]
05. The Way I Feel [add]
06. Both Men Crying [add]
07. Burn Clear+ [add]
08. Give It Away+ [add]
09. Tall Girls Club [add]
10. Shoulder High [add]
11. Here Comes the Only One Again+ [add]
12. Be My Love [add]
13. Beach [add]
14. Incoming [add]
15. Promised [add]
16. Seven Days 'Til Four A.M. [add]
17. Free and Easy [add]
18. Take This with You [add]

Stuck Together with God's Glue (1990) 01. What Now? [add]
02. Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol) [add]
03. Parachute lyrics
04. Esmerelda [add]
05. I Had a Feeling [add]
06. Kill the Roses [add]
07. Brand New God [add]
08. Room 29 [add]
09. The Patience Business [add]
10. Devil in Miss Jones [add]
11. Good Time Coming [add]
12. I Feel Good [add]
13. Skyrockets [add]

Bedlam a Go-Go (1992) 01. Inviral Love [add]
02. Diane on the Cross [add]
03. Daisyhead [add]
04. It's Strange, Believe Me [add]
05. Are You Going to Suffer It [add]
06. Hit the Parade [add]
07. Beautiful Country [add]
08. The Crystal Ballroom [add]
09. Select [add]
10. Speak. Shut Up! [add]
11. Uncut: Which Way Does Madness Lie/Last Train to Medicine [add]
12. Behind Your Teeth [add]
13. Fellow Feeling [add]

Alan, Elvis & God (1997) 01. Are You My Girl [add]
02. 70's Wedding [add]
03. Fataler Femmes [add]
04. Momentary Thing [add]
05. Flag [add]
06. Word of Mouth [add]
07. Time Stands Still [add]
08. She Waits for the Sound [add]
09. Firelighter [add]
10. C.C. Incidentally [add]
11. These Are Not My Friends [add]

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