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Genre: Spoken Word
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [Audio Book] (1997) 01. The Most Civilised Portion of Mankind [add]
02. The Terror of the Roman Arms - The Preservation of Peace by a Constant ... [add]
03. Every Useful Instrument of War [add]
04. An Empire United by Laws and Adorned by Arts [add]
05. The Roman Language - An Influence Over National Manners [add]
06. The Most Numerous Society Under the Same System of Government [add]
07. The Fate of the Roman World Depended on the Will of Augustus [add]
08. A Succession of Monsters With Unparalleled Vices [add]
09. The Rule of the Two Antonines - The Only Period of History in Which ... [add]
10. Commodus - Revelling in the Licence of Sovereign Power [add]
11. Pertinax Accedes to Power [add]
12. The Praetorian Guards and the Bribe of Didius Julianus [add]
13. Septimus Severus - A Pernicious Indulgence [add]
14. The Two Sons of Severus - Caracalla and Geta [add]
15. Caracalla Becomes Sole Emperor [add]
16. Antoninus Becomes Elgabalus, Supreme Emperor and Pontiff - And ... [add]
17. The Rein of Alexander - An Auspicious Calm of Thirteen Years [add]
18. The Rise of Maxim, Dark and Sanguinary [add]
19. Confusion of Power Between Maximus, Balbinus and Gordianus [add]
20. Philip - A Period of Games [add]
21. Decius and the Appearance of the Goths [add]
22. Hostilianus and Gallus [add]
23. Aemilianus, Valerian and Gallienus - An Empire Obsessed [add]
24. Claudius - The First of the Restorers of the Roman World [add]
25. Aurelian- Four Years of Memorable Achievement [add]
26. Zenobia Fights Back - The Fate of the East Is Decided [add]
27. The Death of Aurelian and the Accession of Tacitus [add]
28. Probus and the Deliverance of Gaul and 70 German Cities [add]
29. Carus, Numerian and Carinus - Soft, Cruel, Devoted to Pleasure Yet ... [add]
30. The Illustrious Reign of Diocletian and Maximian [add]
31. The End of Rome as the Capital of the Empire [add]
32. The Abdication of Diocletian [add]
33. Two New Augusti - Constantius and Galerius [add]
34. The Elevation of Constantine and a Time of Confusion [add]
35. The Final Battle Between Constantine and Maxentius [add]
36. Constantine Overwhelms Licinius, A Victory Which Leads to the Founding [add]
37. A Candid But Rational Inquiry into the Progress and Establishment of ... [add]
38. A Dark and Unjust Record Righted [add]
39. Nero - Mistakingly Judged One of History's Most Vilified Figures [add]
40. Protection for the Christians [add]
41. Diocletian Introduces Systematic Repression [add]
42. Gibbon's Conclusions on the Roman Persecution of the Christians [add]
43. Constantine - A New Capital But a Fatal Flaw in Defense [add]
44. The Petty Abuse of Power and Local Tyrannies [add]
45. Asiatic Pomp and a Gradual Decline [add]
46. Constantius, Gallus and the Eunichs [add]
47. Julian, A Caesar of Very Different Ilk [add]
48. The Establishment of Christianity [add]
49. The Rise in Popularity of Julian [add]
50. The Road to Civil War [add]

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