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Genre: Electronica
Russia: Land of the Tsars (2003) 01. The Russian People [add]
02. The Vikings Set Sail [add]
03. Peasants [add]
04. Murder of Brothers [add]
05. The Russians and Theottomans [add]
06. The Uprising [add]
07. The Mongol Yoke [add]
08. Baru Kahn [add]
09. Paying Tribute to the Mongols [add]
10. The People Battle the Mongols [add]
11. Prince Dimitry [add]
12. The Holy City Falls [add]
13. Moscow [add]
14. The Feast [add]
15. Ivan Claims the Crown [add]
16. Glory of Ivan the Terrible [add]
17. Ivan's Reign of Terror [add]
18. Despair Across the Land [add]
19. Ivan Dies [add]
20. Peasants Try to Survive [add]
21. The Oprichniki [add]
22. Russia's Neighbours [add]
23. Peasants Become Slaves [add]
24. The Polish Pretender [add]
25. The Time of Troubles [add]
26. Save the Motherland [add]
27. Peter the Great Is Crowned [add]
28. Sophia's Rumour [add]
29. Peter Takes Charge [add]
30. The Stronghold of Azov [add]
31. The Warrior Tsar [add]
32. Peter Sails the Seas [add]
33. The Streltsy Revolt [add]
34. Death at St. Petersburg [add]
35. Tsar Peter and Marfa [add]
36. Tsarevich Alexei Is Tortured [add]
37. The Battle With Sweden [add]
38. Elizabeth's Moonlight Ride [add]
39. Elisabeth Summons Sophia [add]
40. Paul and Catherine [add]
41. Catherine the Great [add]
42. The Murder of the Tsar [add]
43. Catherine Reforms Society [add]
44. Catherine the Great Dies [add]
45. Paul Makes a Mess of Politics [add]
46. Paul Is Killed [add]
47. War in Crimea Land [add]
48. The Russian People Unite [add]
49. Tsar Alexander Liberates Paris [add]
50. The Conspirators Meet [add]

Quest for King Arthur (2004) 01. For a Thousand Years [add]
02. The Knights [add]
03. Welsh Noble Familes [add]
04. Righteous Anger [add]
05. Ballad of Death [add]
06. Barbarian Attack [add]
07. Everything Changes [add]
08. Lady of the Lake [add]
09. Merlin [add]
10. Arthur's Father [add]
11. Prepare for Battle [add]
12. Battle of Badon Hill [add]
13. Unholy Lust [add]
14. The Chaos [add]
15. Peasant Dance [add]
16. Time Passes [add]
17. Ancient Glory [add]
18. The Legend Grows [add]
19. Gun Powder [add]
20. At the Dawn [add]
21. Ancienttales [add]
22. The Saxons [add]
23. Quest for the Holy Grail [add]
24. Vortigen [add]
25. Camelot [add]
26. The Round Table [add]
27. At This Point [add]
28. Generations Pass [add]
29. Marching [add]
30. Arthur's Legend [add]
31. Years Pass [add]
32. Waiting [add]
33. The Battle Is On [add]
34. Saxons Invade [add]
35. The Britons [add]

The French Revolution (2005) 01. Birth to the Republic [add]
02. Royal Crisis [add]
03. Power to the People [add]
04. March to Versailles [add]
05. Serment du Jeu de Paume [add]
06. Storm the Bastille [add]
07. The Great Terror [add]
08. Danton Speaks [add]
09. Ancien Régime [add]
10. The Doomed Queen [add]
11. The Rise of Robespierre [add]
12. The Streets of Paris Ran Red [add]
13. L'Ami du Peuple [add]
14. Versailles Abandoned [add]
15. Agnus Dei [add]
16. Death to the Royals [add]
17. Le Fin: Emperor Napoleon [add]

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