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Wayne Manby lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Wayne Manby (2001) 01. Black Widow (Early Version) [add]
02. Cheat the Hangman (Old Version) [add]
03. Demon Woman [add]
04. Intergalactic Highway [add]
05. Marooned on Devil's Island [add]
06. No Soul [add]
07. Only Child [add]
08. Shady Eyes [add]
09. The Loving One [add]
10. The Sun Is Going to Shine Again [add]
11. Who Is This? [add]
12. Worrisome Blues (Early Version) [add]

Black Gold (2002) 01. Black Gold [add]
02. Black Widow [add]
03. Jezebel [add]
04. Down on Your Knees [add]
05. Cheat the Hangman [add]
06. Be with Me [add]
07. Baby, Baby [add]
08. The Reprise [add]
09. Angelene [add]
10. Shady Eyes [add]
11. Trying to Get You [add]
12. Sweet Sweet Cherry [add]

Goodbye, Love (2003) 01. Goodbye, Love [add]
02. Angelene [add]
03. Be With Me [add]
04. All Brand New [add]
05. Black Gold [add]
06. Nothing But Bad Luck [add]
07. Wasting Away [add]
08. Back Door [add]
09. Two Way Street [add]
10. Black Widow [add]
11. Yesterday Is Gone [add]
12. Make the Blues Go Away [add]

Its Over (2004) 01. It's Over [add]
02. Don't Follow Me [add]
03. The Time [add]
04. Home Is Where Your Heart Is [add]
05. Space Freedom [add]
06. Who Is This? [add]
07. Black Widow [add]
08. Demon Woman [add]
09. Shady Eyes [add]
10. New Cadillac [add]
11. Running with the Dragon [add]
12. Cold, Cold City [add]
13. Like the Sunset [add]
14. Down on Your Knees [add]
15. Sweet, Sweet Cherry [add]

Blues (2004) 01. Train [add]
02. Worrisome Blues [add]
03. Marooned on Devil's Island [add]
04. Invisible [add]
05. Buzzin [add]
06. Blues to Go [add]
07. Been Lonely [add]
08. Back Door [add]
09. Be Mine [add]
10. The Reprise [add]
11. Make the Blues Go Away [add]
12. Nothing But Bad Luck [add]

Feel Like Dirt (2005) 01. Feel Like Dirt [add]
02. Let's Roll [add]
03. Angelene [add]
04. Yesterday Is Gone [add]
05. Ashes in the Falling Rain [add]
06. Be with Me [add]
07. It's Over [add]
08. The Lonely One [add]

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