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Parachute Express lyrics
Genre: Children's
Circle of Friends (1991) 01. Circus Song [add]
02. Good Morning, Neighbors [add]
03. Down on the Farm [add]
04. Going on a Lion Hunt [add]
05. When You Come over to My House [add]
06. Walkin' in Neighborhood [add]
07. Circle of Friends [add]
08. Wiggle Your Bones [add]
09. Red Means Stop [add]
10. When I Build My House [add]
11. La-La Man [add]
12. Baby of Mine [add]

Feel the Music (1991) 01. Kickin' the Can [add]
02. Color Song [add]
03. Put Your Finger On [add]
04. Dance, Puppet, Dance [add]
05. Goodnight Moon [add]
06. Who Am I? [add]
07. Feel the Music [add]
08. I Like You [add]
09. Bubbles [add]
10. World of Make-Believe [add]
11. Time to Get Ready to Go [add]
12. These Hands [add]

Happy to Be Here (1991) 01. Happy to Be Here [add]
02. When I Go to School [add]
03. High-5-Ious [add]
04. What Will I Take to the Moon? [add]
05. Smooth Movin' Boogie Express [add]
06. The Changing Garden of Mister Bell [add]
07. Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes lyrics
08. Ups and Downs [add]
09. My History [add]
10. Willy Falldown [add]
11. As Long as We're Together [add]
12. Friendship Chain [add]

Sunny Side Up (1991) 01. Riggedy Jig [add]
02. Around the Block [add]
03. Can You Show Us? [add]
04. Fantasy Automobile [add]
05. Butterfly [add]
06. You and Me Parade [add]
07. Birthday Cake [add]
08. Sunny Side Up [add]
09. I Can Do That [add]
10. Doo-Wacka-Doo [add]
11. Sing-Along Song [add]
12. Goo-Goo-Giggley-I-Oh [add]
13. The Shapes Game [add]
14. Bye-Bye Pizza Pie [add]

Over Easy (1992) 01. Over Easy [add]
02. Tie a Bow [add]
03. Warm, Woolly Blanket [add]
04. Beddy-Bye-Bye [add]
05. Indian Lullaby [add]
06. Float, Drift and Dream [add]
07. Bobo's Bedtime [add]
08. Living on a Planet I Love [add]
09. Fi-Fiddle-Diddle-I-Ay [add]
10. Grandpa Joe [add]
11. Dreamin' [add]
12. The Shadow [add]

Shakin' It! (1992) 01. Sidewalk Shuffle [add]
02. Merry-Go-Round [add]
03. Peanut Butter [add]
04. Great Big Cat [add]
05. Tingalayo [add]
06. Ring Around the Moon [add]
07. Jim Along Josie [add]
08. All Around the Kitchen [add]
09. Shakin' It [add]
10. Reach up High [add]
11. You Must Really Like Me [add]
12. Choo Choo [add]
13. Bicycle [add]
14. Lullaby [add]
15. He's Got the Whole World [add]

Doctor Looney's Remedy (2003) 01. Doctor Looney's Remedy lyrics
02. As Long as We Go Side by Side [add]
03. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tattoo [add]
04. Me and My Dog [add]
05. Working Together [add]
06. Land of I Don't Want To [add]
07. We the Children [add]
08. Half Way Through [add]
09. Mr. McWhizwidget's Fix It Up Shop [add]
10. A Little Night Light [add]
11. S'mores [add]
12. Je Je Kule [add]
13. It's a Party [add]
14. Learn It by Heart [add]

Don't Blink (2005) 01. Don't Blink [add]
02. Something 'Bout a Circle [add]
03. Right Foot, Left Foot [add]
04. Let's Go [add]
05. Razz-Ma-Tazz [add]
06. I Like Trucks [add]
07. Chicken Pox Party [add]
08. I'm Making Breakfast [add]
09. Giving Tree [add]
10. Sailing [add]
11. Gotta Lotta Love [add]
12. Clean Up Crew [add]
13. Dress Up Queen [add]
14. Pioneer Baby lyrics

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