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Secret Service lyrics
Genre: Rock
Oh Susie (1979) 01. Ten O'Clock Postman [add]
02. Hey Johnny [add]
03. Give Me Your Love [add]
04. Oh Susie [add]
05. Darlin' You're My Girl [add]
06. She Wants Me [add]
07. Why Don't You Try to Phone [add]
08. Angel on Wheels [add]
09. Family Delight [add]

Ye Si Ca (1980) 01. L. A. Goodbye [add]
02. Broken Hearts [add]
03. Angelica & Ramone [add]
04. Friday Night [add]
05. I Know [add]
06. Ye Si Ca lyrics
07. King & Queen [add]
08. Crossing A River [add]
09. Don't Go Away [add]
10. Stay Here The Night [add]

Cutting Corners (1982) 01. Over Town [add]
02. Fire Into Ice [add]
03. Cutting Corners [add]
04. Flash In The Night [add]
05. Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning) [add]
06. If I Try [add]
07. Like A Morning Sun [add]
08. When The Dancer You Have Loved Walks Out The Door [add]
09. Rainy Day Memories [add]
10. Watching Julietta [add]
11. Flash In The Night (Remix) [add]
12. Medley [add]

When the Night Closes In (1985) 01. Night City [add]
02. Let Us Dance Just a Little Bit More [add]
03. Special Songs [add]
04. Do You Remember [add]
05. Walking [add]
06. When the Night Closes In lyrics
07. How I Want You [add]
08. Closer Every Day [add]
09. Feel You Near Me [add]
10. Just a Friend for the Night [add]

Aux Deux Magots (1987) 01. I'm So I'm So I'm So [add]
02. If You Need Me [add]
03. Don't You Know Don't You Know [add]
04. Turn to Me [add]
05. The Way You Are [add]
06. Say Say [add]
07. Light [add]
08. Aux Deux Magots [add]
09. Where the Wind Blows [add]
10. Thank You for That Night [add]

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